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  1. Looks like we are kindred spirits.
    Feel free to post if you like it.
    I am so jazzed to see this blog!
    I was beginning to think I was nuts

    • timraffety permalink

      You my friend are in the majority. We just work for a living. You know we’re the ones that carry the water. While the rest only drink it. People are waking up from a long nap.

  2. “The Economic Rape of our Country”—Time to OCCUPY ALL STREETS that allow corruption and Greed.
    “Federal, City and State funding that is corrupt and encourages greed will destroy Capitalism as we know it, along with the Economic well- being of our country—Stein has showed me dozens of Government and Research Foundation FOIA and WEBMQS reports that have continually raped the business community, the taxpayer and students* with full administrative knowledge that is in need of public awareness and accountability. The taxpayer is long overdue as these Grey Area “Partnerships” of Funding and “ White Collar Professionalism” are far more costly to this country than the 1%–we need to end all corruption NOW, private and public, as many employees that report these economic crimes to administration share a similar fate despite policy…..” written by Michael Burzo.

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