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About Me

More to come soon.

I’m an ordinary citizen and taxpayer that started uncovering fraud and corruption at every level of government involvement. 

I think that the judiciary has strayed from its consitutional mandates and is making rather than upholding law and is doing so at the expense of the people.  I think that when a Supreme Court Justice states that it is better to apply the law consistently wrong rather than correct the record and get the law right, there is a problem.

America has transformed from a Government of and for the People to a Government that exploits and enslaves its people.

  1. I like your style. You seem familiar. Do I know you? If not, would you like to stay in touch on matters of mutual interest? If so, send me an e-mail.

  2. chazworth permalink

    I am a classical liberal that agrees with you America has transformed into a mafia style organization and its neither right nor left…R vs D is a facade to divide us on hot button emotional issues and keep us busy infighting wile they erode every constitutional safety we have to keep our inalienable rights intact.. we all know something is very wrong…but the problem is many have made the wrong conclusions as to who is actually responsible… the right still thinks the left are sneaky manipulative criminals and the left think the same about the right with minor differences, but both are wrong! becasue most people still operate out of an old mentality that things are to be taken at face value and do not realize the sophisticated mental game play at work here….and the government we see is not the government we have…you are presented a facade to hide the crime boss’s underneath..

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