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MI. No school for you. Buena Vista, Mich. School district goes broke.

May 10, 2013

The Board of Education in Buena Vista, Mich., has declared a financial emergency. The school district lacks the funds to pay teachers for the rest of the school year, reports.

Students from the Buena Vista School District have not attended classes in a week. The district laid off all its teachers earlier this week.

Michigan Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer has asked Gov. Rick Snyder to provide emergency funds to the district, according to the Detroit News.

Via The Detroit News:

Snyder said Thursday he hopes to quickly resolve the financial crisis that caused the small Saginaw County system to lay off employees and close its doors. But the rainy day fund won’t be used to bailout Buena Vista schools, Snyder said, because “that’s not what the rainy day fund is really intended for.”

The official site for the Buena Vista School District explains that in addition to all teachers (and the vast majority of staff) being laid off, their benefits, including health insurance, have been terminated.

Some teachers have offered to work this week for free.

The district’s site explains that “Michigan law requires that employers pay employees for work performed. We thank the teaching staff for their dedication, and understand their frustration. However, we must follow the law.”

When have you ever known a government agency or an elected hack to follow the law.  America is no longer a country of laws or rules.  The two rules of government is there are no rules and rules are made to be broken.  The government isn’t breaking the rule to allow teacher to work for lower pay or for free because they don’t want them to, not because they can’t.

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