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American exceptionalism declines as fascism rises

May 10, 2013

American exceptionalism is declining in a rate proportional to the increase in statism and fascism.

As the state assumes more and more power of the lives of individuals portending to protect people from themselves, the poorer and more dependent people become on the unaccountable idiots in government.

Most of us who grew up in the United States took history classes where America was touted as the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.  Where the people, not the government were sovereign.  We were taught that citizens of America were born with certain inalienable rights like the right to speech, the right to self defense, the right privacy, the right to assemble, the right to petition, the right to due process.

The schools unfortunately have deceived an entire generation of citizens.  Schools have brainwashed us into believing in the American hype, only to learn that over the course of time, the States and Federal government controlling the curriculum have been embarking in a systematic errosion of  liberty.

Going around the states some examples of how ridiculous states have become in their attempts to control every facet of your life:

Oregon Fascists Shut Down 7-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand

Licensing requirements are so restrictive in Oregon that even a 7-year old named Julie, is required to pay $120 for a license in order to sell lemonade.

Turns out that kids’ lemonade stands are subject to being patrolled regularly by county health inspectors.  Apparently Oregon’s department of health believes that one can never be too careful when buying 50 cent lemonade from a 7 year old.  So the government, claiming, public health concerns, shuts 7 year old’s lemonade stand down.

The lesson this mindless Oregonian public worker imparted to Julie was that there is a consequence for producing a product or service that contributes to society, self-reliance and ingenuity does not pay, and government will take a share of all actual and potential revenue.

Dilemma, stay and fight for the dream that was America.  Do an Atlas Shrugged, and move to a place where producers are welcome and rewarded.

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