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Ruth Pollack, Esq. Testimony New York Senate Judiciary Committee

June 24, 2011

NY Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings on Corrupt Courts

  1. Robert Stein permalink

    The Office of the District Attorney of Staten Island—weekly hello.

    As to–Mr. Tom Bello—dated 12/30/09—
    FOIL request—How many and for how long as he been allowed to harm—how many on file at the D.A., the Bar and Grievance, and at the Lawyers Fund, and how many civil– on Staten Island???

    “No reponce to calls, no copies of court filings or paper work (Underlined paperwork.) The case he is working on for me has been going on for ten years (as in 10 years) with nothing to show for it.”—a Bello client…And now a second client filed a complaint as to $3,500 and poor with no calls returned, won his/her case against Bello in court but collected nothing. Then go to AVVO and Martindale for their reviews….
    “”The worst” “He forged documents, took money, did nothing”—add two more. And these reports come from others…as Ralph and I am the “caboose” and the judicial system has allowed this train to run the tracks….

    Someone needs to be held responsible allowing the above to be harmed by Tom Bello along with the many others…since 2009…..and y’all knew, as he continued to harm—times at least 44 families with most on Staten Island…your neighbors and mine Mr. Donovan. $5,000 $7,500 $10,000, $3,500, $5,500,$7,000…..false documents—notarized dockets, money taken, contingency agreements signed, nothing done—tons of proof—Hayes v. Bello—same M.O. again and again……..Forte, Olberfeld, DeMarco, Hayes, Ackerman, Melnikoff, Prover, Stein, Giordano—the civil cases—16 plus, AVVO, Martindale, LawyerRatingz, Banks, Creditors—the Bar, Grievance, the Lawyers Protection Fund…..your office and the complaints—anything not covered that I am leaving out….and we hear status….ya must be too busy with lawyers worse than that this person that is listed in his bio. as a “liaison to government officials” now teaching law and is a recently appointed administrative judge with the TLC, and on a panel to clean up corruption in the Pennsylvania Supreme Courts—with a track record readily available to the public or you… let alone the dozens of lawyers advising he should have been disbarred—but no he never was, as politics takes precedence over the law. Reread your oath AND RESPONSIBILITY TO THE COMMUNITY. Add $2,711-$26,068-$5,175, $25,000, $2,592, $11,265—just when does our judicial take responsibility for this allowed harm that has continued for ever….and every attorney we have met or spoken to advise he should have been disbarred years ago—is he politically dangerous?. Is the above person that harmed 44-46 clients your pillar of justice? And to be advised this attorney has no malpractice and no visible assets while owning three homes under the protection of the law????? Being advised we all could win in court with nothing to gain????? And it will cost us plenty to do so—-

    It is up to the Assistant D.A. Frey as to the status of Bello is what we were told and I guess that was just a crock of needed words—as he has yet to contact any of us requesting answers. You used the word status as to this case—there is no status when nothing is done and I asked for you to put that in writing, but unfortunately the mouth has a fear of writing what they say—tell me there is no merit to the five cases on file at the D.A. or the dozens at the Bar and Grievance—put it in writing.

    Status –???? And request to be contacted started in LAST YEAR AND AGAIN in April 2011. My case on file was back in 2010—and told to “get in line”… as he has been allowed to harm 44 families and advised by attorneys that number will be adding some names. And the system rewards and approves of his actions by allowing him to continue—politics and our legal system talk’s” principles.” Maybe not next week—Ralph and Michael are away…but I think face to face needs to discuss STATUS, and I asked your Senior Detective Investigator to put it in writing as to the Status—you’re the law—grab a pen and write what you say.

    Awareness is necessary until the courtesy of a call or someone finds the time to look into the others that have registered complaints before and after me… wonder 51% HAVE NO FAITH AND 18% HAVE LOST FAITH IN OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM—LOOK IN THE MIRROR JUST ONCE. Mr. Assistant District Attorney—put the Status in writing and tell us WHY?

    “Your message to the community does not comport with reality”—as an opponent of yours might suggest—who is running against you—I try not to believe that as being true.

    July 08, 2011—the D.A. of our great City has no jurisdiction in Staten Island and must defer to you Mr. Donovan…defer-status-playing the game is not a game for many families hurt by status….and as to why 69% have no respect for the law and our judicial system—reread the above 44–46 times.

    Robert Stein

    June 17, 2011
    June 23, 2011
    June 27, 2011
    July 5, 2011
    July 14, 2011

    cc M. Burzo.
    M. Moore

  2. And since the above Ms. Barbara Nelson — divorced, mother of a 12 year old, on disability–$10,000 same Bello M.O. as he is allowed to continue.
    Ms. Therea Grassano–$16,000–had to refi a home to pay him–same M.O. as above.

    Carmine–worked out a court agreement to keep Bello’s credit intact…but Bello never paid.

    Met 2 lawyers that were to testify along with me on 10/12/2011 in Supreme Court — but after several delays due to sick family members which we all heard–he was again a no-show.

    Why he is not behind Bars or disbarred–needs an answer as politics has harmed too many.

  3. Robert Stein permalink

    Oh we can add several others that have also contacted me–Ann, Phyliss, the lack of faith is up to 89% as to our system–and advised the Bello is filing fior bankruptcy protection despite these criminal assaukls on so many families and will be over at Cadman Plaza East in Broklyn with his creditiors on the 27th. of this month at 12 noon, believe it is 271 Cadman….to date he has not handed in his license and who knows–maybe the intent is to continue raping the community under the protection of the law.

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