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LI School Superintendent in Upscale NY District Rakes in Over $500k a Year

June 10, 2011

Schools Superintendent in Upscale New York District Rakes in Over
$500,000 a Year
June 08, 2011

A schools superintendent on New York’s Long Island is under fire for
her annual pay: over half a million dollars.

The base salary of Carole Hankin, who’s in her 21st year as
superintendent of the Syosset School District, is just over $400,000 a
year, but with benefits factored in, her final haul is $542,000, reports.

The Syosset district also pays 37 other employees over $100,000 a year
each, reports.

The district defended Hankin’s salary, indicating that she serves
around 7,000 students in 10 schools, and they spent over $18,000 per
pupil in 2009.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had a less favorable view, saying Hankin’s
pay rate was an example of wasteful school spending.

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