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NY. Medicaid Fraud, High Taxes and Government Debt Has Businesses Running for the Border

March 8, 2011

Despite the ads and fluff pieces Cuomo is putting out to make it seem like New York is fiscally solvent, the reality is that NY is sinking in government debt and inefficiency. One reason is that NY is so government and regulation heavy that it is impossible for businesses to survive when saddled with the taxes imposed on them by the state. Here are some numbers.

As of January 21, 2011, New York State, one of 30 States, borrowed $3,343,758,375.70 from the federal government for paying Unemployment Insurance. Six States, Maryland, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas, have repaid their loans in full. NY isn’t on the list.

Cuomo’s budget plan calls for $30.2 billion to be given to New York by federal government for Medicaid. New York matches this with $15.1 billion contribution by the State and a $15.1 billion paid by NY Counties paid in property taxes. New York’s 2008 Medicaid per person is $8,961 and the average State per person is $4,307.

Maybe the federal government should ask . . . why is NY’s Medicaid reimbursement so high. Single mothers and poor only account for 1/3 of the Medicaid budget, but are 75% of the recipients. Maybe the federal government should ask . . . where and to whom is 75% of the Medicaid budget going to?

If the federal government were generous and gave Medicaid Block grants at the rate received by the average State, NY would receive 4,307 divided by 8,961 x $30.2 Billion = $14.5 Billion. New York budgets $60.4 billion, so $60.4 minus $14. 5 billion = $44.9 billion additional to be spent out of State money. And if the federal Government were very frugal and used California’s per person rate of $2,386, the block grant would be $8.04 billion and $50.36 billion additional would need be spent out of State money.

For more information on NYS Medicaid Fraud.
For more information on how $56 billion disappeared from HUD under Cuomo’s watch.
For more information on the extent of corruption in New York and the impending bankruptcy of New York
Go to . . .

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