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Government Abuse of Power At All Levels of Government In America Is Widespread and Expanding

February 5, 2011

The self-correcting features built into our constitutions (separation of powers, checks and balances, etc.) have long ago been circumvented or ignored. Many government officials now frivolously disregard any legal limitations on their power, since as long as anybody remembers they have been able to do so with impunity. The courts are supposed to enforce constitutions, but judges and justices are employed by the same entities as legislators and other officials, and thus are driven by similar incentives and generally have similar mindsets. There currently is no process capable of peacefully reining in government abuse.

The only way the trend toward expanding tyranny can be reversed and our lost liberties restored is through the restoration of accountability in government. To accomplish this goal, we must replace the current incentive structure with one that rewards performance by government employees consistent with peaceful private interests.

Unlike the Business Times that thinks citizen committees are the route to take, a better route is to establish law firms to sue the state as the AG’s office whose job is supposed to protect the citizens of the state from abuse including abuse from State employees more often then not defend the State employee even when the State employee is acting outside their authority and the citizens of the state are left footing the bill not only for the employee’s salary and benefits, but for their abusive bad behavior.

Everyone might be entitled to a defense, but not everyone should be entitled to a defense paid for with taxpayer monies. Want to cut down government abuse . . . do what they do . . . send them a bill.

Read more: How to reduce government abuse of power | San Francisco Business Times

One Comment
  1. ghstdtnee permalink

    No method reigning in Govt abuse?

    RE Govt Abuse of power

    Seek legal representation to File claim for damages against the

    CIA. The CIA oversees its employee Mxxxxxxx Txxxxs, of which

    CIA strictly liable for Fraud/ Negligence} as to

    Surveillance by Wireless and its attending abuses in violations not

    limited to the Fourth Amendment right to be secure in Person/

    Place/ Property/ Effects.

    I am subjected to by Mxxxxxxx Txxxxs employee of the CIA, to:

    Fraud/ Negligence/ False imprisonment {Wireless surveillance by

    Force on 24/ 7 basis with no Warrant or cause}/ Illegal search and

    seizure/ Conversion/ Assault/ Major inconvenience.

    Legal reference- Keith case; I believe {Mapp v Ohio}, Weeks v

    the United States, Elkins v the United States as to Fourth

    Amendment rights violations.

    Legal reference Justification Civil remedies Surveillance USC

    Title 50 Ch 36 Subchapter I Civil remedies surveillance;

    USC Title 18 Ch 113B § 2333 Civil remedies terrorism having

    been injured in Person and property due to reasons Acts terrorism

    transcending national boundaries of which Txxxs with CIA Va

    oversight conducts Business/ Internet/ Telecommunications Fraud

    at personal expense.

    Damages to include: Property loss, Personal injury; Slander/ Libel/

    Advertising injury; Hospital billing, IP theft {ID Theft}.

    I have not limited to Contact evidence Tombs/ Photos damages, Billing information/

    Emails/ IP Traces Txxxs as employee of CIA

    Txxxxs also defrauds the DOD, Homeland security

    Public interest as to current Abuse technology at public expense.

    Im sure they would like to be threatened with suits against6 them for Homeland security/ DOD


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