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Feds and States. The New Mafia – A Government You Can’t Refuse

February 5, 2011
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  1. chazworth permalink

    This is so typical of the deep psychological propaganda that people are disseminating purposefully to confuse and confound the public so severally that they don’t know what way is up or down and the “family” can still maintain control…this guy never left the family becasue the family went into politics…you can never leave the family..this guy is a plant…..Obama and his crew are part of it…the right and left are really on the same team….the public are being played off each other but the real “boss’s” the banksters and mega rich dynasty families pull all the strings of even these useful idiots in the media….the political cartels today serve the one percent… but mirror the people so that you think you have a say..they mirror you so you think the R vs D facade is real..this is ALL THEATER…so you wont see what is really going on….Right or left….we will all be under the mafia government rule…

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