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Supreme Court rules that innocent parents are not harmed by remaining on child abuse database

December 1, 2010

The Supreme Court, reversing a 9th Circuit ruling, held that Los Angeles County is not liable for listing two exonerated suspects on the state’s Child Abuse Central Index.
Supreme Court Overturns Order That Innocent Parents Be Removed From Child Abuse Database

The decisions was unanimous, with Justice Elena Kagan recusing herself. Justice Steven Breyer wrote the Court’s opinion, finding that the parents did not show any harm coming from the county’s refusal to remove them from the Child Abuse Central Index.

Comment: Let’s put Justice Breyer, his family and the rest of the justices and their families on a child abuse register since there’s NO HARM to being listed on the abuse register and since innocent people are listed all the time. Fair is fair. Put the justices and their families on the list.

The Supreme Court is pulling this country down as much as the executive and legislative branches. They have departed from the law and are shielding the government at the expense of the people.

There is harm in ones reputation and harm if a future investigation is opened. If the parents try to get a job working with children, they cannot. What if an innocent parent wants to adopt? They can’t.

Justice is supposed to be BLIND, not STUPID.

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