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NY. Cuomo Giving Get Out of Jail Free Cards To His Friends

November 7, 2010

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has moved to close an investigation into a multimillion-dollar looting of the state pension fund by allowing the ringleader to cop to a single felony plus restitution.

Cuomo’s proposed plea bargain would subject master manipulator Hank Morris to a maximum of four years in prison, with probation a possibility.

The details of the arrangement are as yet secret.  Morris sold access to the fund to money managers seeking to earn huge fees.

That he faces a 77-count indictment, including one charge that carries a penalty of up to 25 years but under Cumo’s deal, he’s looking at probation.

So people selling weed get 15 years in prison, and a state official selling access to private retirement money while pocketing $19 million is looking at probation.  That Cuomo is one tough negotiator.

That various Wall Street firms caught up in the conspiracy have paid $150 million in restitution —anyone in jail?

This is a jarring disconnect between his rhetoric before Election Day and the plea bargain that surfaced shortly after he won the race for governor.  Cuomo is letting them off  easier than a small-time crook .

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