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Parental Rights. Parents Should Determine What is Best for Their Child, Not the Government

October 19, 2010

“The Child” documentary – Coming November 2010

Visit to learn more about the battle for parental rights!

Music used under Fair Use doctrine.

  1. This looks to be a great video detailing the government’s intrusion into the family sphere. For more information on this issue, go to

    Eric Potter MD
    Tennessee Director Parental Rights.Org

  2. Mitch Jamison permalink

    I Understand how Kansas is UNJUST in almost ALL interactions I have had with them. My ex-wife molested my two sons and SRS felt that she was indeed guilty of this and I was told “unofficially” that they could not afford the liability of doing anything, yet they felt NO obligation to remove the boys from their mothers custody. I was considered unfit due ONLY to my ex-wifes opinion as a special education teacher. I called the Kansas Attorney Generals office headed by Kathleen Sebilius twice to report they had a teacher in their system that not only molested my two sons but was reported as having inappropriate contact with students while working at Trego Community High School in Wakeeney and Had been impregnated by a 14 yr old as a teacher at Rupenthal Middle School In Russell. One would think that this would be a concern and an investigation would be done but no, I was considered an unreliable source simply because I was going through the Kansas Court system( which is also a JOKE) with a divorce. I think Kansas Needs a huge wake up call.

    Beyond that a woman who would poison her husband and hire someone to kill him is not a safe place to house any child. My story can be read at

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