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NH Takes Baby From Oath Keeper; PA Takes Baby From A Poppy Seed Bagel Eating Mom

October 16, 2010

Another crazy CPS Baby Snatching Case

Pennsylvania Bagel Causes Major Investigations



This is Pennsylvania, one of the capitals of child welfare fraud.
I am sure everyone remembers Danieal Kelly.
Then you have the Jail 4 Kids.
The following is an example of the creativity of child protective services will go to in order to keep their paychecks in a struggling economy.
First NH snatches a baby from a man who promised to uphold an oath.
Now Pennsylvania CPS is snatching children because a mom ordered a sesame seed bagel rather than a cinnamon raison.
A woman in New Castle, Pa., says her newborn was taken away after she allegedly failed a drug test.
But she says she ate a poppy-seed bagel before she gave birth, and that’s why her drug test was flagged. It showed opiates.
The ACLU is working on a civil lawsuit to file on the mom’s behalf.
A Pennsylvania TV station says child welfare workers came to the woman’s home three days after she gave birth and took the baby away.
Mom and child have since been reunited.
Moral of the story.  If you want to keep your kids stop taking oaths and eating bagels.

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