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Crap Shoot Courts. A National Epidemic

October 16, 2010

A women not promoted by the Mass. Bay Trans authority,
was awarded $7 Million for not being promoted.

Kenny Waters was only awarded $3.4 million
for his false arrest and wrongful conviction!

Massachusetts has “CRAP SHOOT COURTS” — it is a “crap shoot”
if you ever find yourself in a Massachusetts court.

If you are found innocent like Kenny Waters, you will still be
as a CRIMINAL OFFENDER, though found completely innocent!

Inept judges, corrupt court officials, records lost, incomplete
transcripts and a whole host of violation of rights by
these public servants.

If you have a story of a crap shoot court decision. Email:

Below is an article about the new film CONVICTION about how a man’s
sister had to become a lawyer to prove her brother’s innocence.

No other attorney in ALL OF MASSACHUSETTS, could do this!

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