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Targeted. People Who Speak Out Against Fraud or The Establishment Are Targeted

October 13, 2010

How Government Steps On Your First Amendment Rights By Using their Auditing and Contracting Power To Target People Speaking Out Against Evil.

Here we go again.

Any day now, you can expect to begin hearing that dozens of groups and individuals critical of Barack Obama and his policies have been subjected to Internal Revenue Service audits.

That’s the way it happened during the last Democratic presidential administration. And this one is, if anything, more desperate, more ruthless and more cunning that the one run by Bill Clinton.

Administration officials, political appointees, are already accessing confidential tax information on Obama’s critics.

In a late August conference call with reporters, Austan Goolsbee, chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, let it slip that he knew more than he should about the tax structure of Koch Industries, one of the primary funders of tea-party activity, including Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks.

With a Republican midterm election landslide in the making, Democratic lawmakers are already demanding the IRS crack down on those paying for ads attacking them.

This is the way it starts.


The entrenched state government officials are one-upping it.  Now if you support the Constitution, the State believes it has the right to confiscate your children

Couple who took part in Oath Keepers online discussion forum had their child snatched by Child Protective Services in New Hampshire (the live free or die state).  Apparently it is now a form of extremism for citizens to support the oath that they and elected officials swore to uphold.
Oath Keepers Statement On Seizure Of Baby Over Parents’ Support Of Constitution
Oath Keepers Oct 8, 2010
Stewart has just now as of 7:45 PM PST, spoken to the father. The Oath Keepers are establishing a legal defense fund. Once it is confirmed through documentation that the father’s association with Oath Keepers was listed as a reason, even if among several reasons listed, for taking the child, we will actively pursue aggressive legal remedy and redress. We will assist in locating competent local legal counsel in New Hampshire and additional expert legal counsel from around the country in First Amendment and child custody law.

Here is Stewart’s statement for now:
We are doing all we can to confirm and document this. But if it IS accurate, and a newborn child was ripped from her mother’s arms because the parents were “associated” with Oath Keepers by simply being members of our online ring discussion forum, then this is a grave crossing of a very serious line, and is utterly intolerable.  It cannot be done.  It cannot be allowed to stand.
There can be no freedom of speech, no freedom of association, no freedom to even open your mouth and “speak truth to power,” no freedom AT ALL, if your children can be black bagged and stolen from you because of your political speech and associations
Here’s what legally kidnapped had to say about the power of Child Protective Services.  “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid”


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  1. Murdered by a Supreme Court Judge?

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