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Paladino Says Cuomo Guilty of Selective Enforcement of Laws As NYS’s AG

October 9, 2010

Paladino says Cuomo is guilty of Selective Enforcement of Laws.

NYS’ Attorney General cannot simultaneously represent the people of the State of NY while defending its entrenched and corrupt bureaucracy.

Paladino said that the guilty plea of ex-Comptroller Alan Hevesi was good work by Cuomo, but represented selective prosecution.

In another statement, he accused Cuomo of being “asleep at the switch” regarding Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the Brooklyn Democratic leader who is being investigated for ripping off taxpayers.


“Andrew Cuomo is asleep at the switch and the Lopez case is another example of his lackluster performance as Attorney General,” Paladino said. “Instead of using his statutory authority to clean up nonprofits, he instead gives passes to his political buddies as they misuse taxpayer dollars.”
In a meeting with Lopez on Sunday, Cuomo said, “The assemblyman is my good friend… We do a lot of good work together.” A Cuomo supporter told the New York Post the meeting with Lopez as “very comfortable.” (VIDEO:
“Assemblyman Vito Lopez is yet another shining example of Albany’s corrupt ruling class, and yet Andrew freely admits a cozy relationship with him,” Paladino said. “Andrew Cuomo wants it both ways – attacking corruption in public while embracing crooks in private.”
“As our Attorney General, Cuomo is reviewing a case where his good friend Vito Lopez is accused of steering taxpayer dollars to Ridgewood-Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, a nonprofit controlled by the Brooklyn Democrat boss and mismanaged by highly-paid Lopez cronies,” Paladino said. “The people of New York have no faith that Andrew can investigate his good friends.”
The nonprofit enjoys 331 New York City and State contracts worth $82 million dollars, allegedly steered to the group by Lopez. Investigators accuse the nonprofit’s employees of questionable billing practices and fraudulent activity. Angela Battaglia, Lopez’ girlfriend, and Christiana Fisher, Lopez’ campaign treasurer, earn a combined $1 million at the nonprofit.
The longtime Democrat legislator and his nonprofit are also enduring federal investigations led by political corruption units.
“This further proves New York needs a nonpartisan special prosecutor, like I have proposed, to investigate evidence of corruption in Albany,” Paladino said. “This is also why we need an ethics law requiring full disclosure of all outside income by state legislators – we need to drain the swamp of corruption in Albany.”
It’s not on the legislators that are corrupt.  The entire Albany administration needs independent scrutiny.  NYS covered up huge Medicaid Fraud by threatening and retaliating against workers that blew the whistle.  It was not until the Feds started investigating that the NYS’ AG’s Office under Cuomo started cooperating.  Until that time employees that blew the whistle were threatened and fired.


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