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The Feds are Looking to Control Higher Education in a Bid to Control Your Money and Your Mind.

October 7, 2010

The state for government take over of higher education has been ripe for awhile.  First the Federal government provides the vast majority of funding for research universities.  Second most of the Higher Education Institutions are up to their neck in taxpayer funding not to mention tuition has been kept at artificially high rates due to cheap government financing available to students. Talk about predatory lending.  Indenture young people at the age of 18 in to financing an overpriced education to make $25k a year and have to pay back the $40k they took out in loans.

Higher Education and the price higher education is one of the biggest scams of the 20th and 21st centuries.


“The Department of Education is attempting to subject every college and university in America – public and private – to political supervision,” he said in an e-mail to WND.

Somebody, he said, needs to blow the whistle and put a stop “to this takeover, a huge threat to institutional autonomy and academic freedom.”

Accreditation, now established by relatively independent educational councils, already is a life-or-death rating that requires institutions to meet high educational standards. But the new requirement for a “state approval” provides that “the State is expected to take an active role in approving an institution and monitoring complaints from the public about its operations and responding appropriately.”

“While these regulations only encourage rather than require state involvement and oversight, if these proposals are passed as written, it is apparent the direction that future regulations will head,” the analysis said. “Some states are already involving themselves in curriculum decisions for education, nursing, and other such programs for professions that require state licensure. In addition to the practical considerations of staffing and expense, this also implicates the large issues of academic freedom and religious freedom.

Schools could particularly be adversely affected by state attempts to regulate curriculum (science, religion, etc.). Currently Colorado requires education courses to include phonics, but what if as part of ‘authorization’ a state required that a science course or a counseling course include certain components?”


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