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More On Non-Profit Money Laundering

October 2, 2010

This site supports true charities and true non-profits, not business, politically-endorsed and tax-payer funded special interest groups or money laundering funnels.

Politicians Unhealthy Alliance with Non-Profits focused on special interest advocacy and corruption.

A power to advance the public happiness involves a discretion which may be misapplied and abused.

James Madison, Federalist 41

This post is from Aratus of America: 
Rush Holt’s alliance with the non-profit health industry is a diseased form of public corruption. Our representative has accumulated several speacial favorites over his decade long residency in Congress. Some have greatly benefited from their cozy relationship with our representative. Many non-profit organizations are doing very well during the “Great Recession” the rest of us are currently experiencing. There is no doubt that certain non-profits perform great public services for the most vulnerable in our district, especially during this uncertain period of economic malaise. It is a fact, though, that they receive private donations, and volunteer efforts, from private citizens and businesses residing in the district. This is needed in a local community, neighbors selflessly helping each other out. Although, these functions should be wholly funded and maintained by state, county, municipalities, private individuals, and businesses, with local taxes, not national resources from the federal government.
The problem with Rush Holt and the liberal/progressive agenda is that they believe Congress can spend federal taxpayer money on anything whatsoever. This mentality springs from a misconstruction of the U.S. Constitution. This is certainly not a recent development, it has been a time tested tradition that many public servants have participated in, and will continue, unless we correct their misguided reading of congressional discretion. It is time for the federal government to stop spending money on all these non-profits, because they can, and should, be sustained by the local resources derived from their own states, counties, townships, and individuals. If the City of Trenton wants to construct and maintain social vehicles for personal improvement that help the most disadvantaged among us, then it is up to the City of Trenton, Mercer County, and New Jersey residents to fund these noble and needed pursuits, not the taxpayers from California, Florida, and New York.

Another problem, maybe even more pernicious, with this federal alliance with non-profits, is that there is too much favoritism, and a strong propensity for certain individuals and organizations to corrupt our public officials for special favors that benefit very few among us. These unfair federal practices must end. All federal appropriations must be attached to a specific duty arising under a constitutionally enumerated power granted to Congress. The federal spiggot of taxpayer money is fully cranked open for all sorts of reasons and endeavors.  These incidents of favoritism and extravagant spending are common occurances that need serious scrutiny.

One particular example of this incidious alliance is the special relationship Marshall Cohen has with Rush Holt. This relationship is one based on reciprocal rewards and favoritism. Mr. Cohen is a beneficiary of taxpayer money, and has special access to our public servant. Both Mr. Cohen and Mr. Holt serve as trustee’s, of the Family Guidance Center, which will be the proud recipient of recent federal taxpayer money Not only is Mr. Cohen’s and Mr. Holt’s organization receiving federal taxpayer money, dished out by a conduit non-profit, Mr. Cohen has also received the great honor of being the special guest of Rush Holt at the State of the Union Speech earlier this year.

Another example of this unhealthy alliance manifests itself in the special relationship between Rush Holt and Judith M. Persichilli from Pennigton, New Jersey, President and CEO of Catholic Health East, a non-profit health organization. Mrs. Persichilli is a contributor to Rush Holt,, and Catholic Health East has been the proud recipient of federal taxpayer money

Rush Holt and his special friends are profiting from taxpayer money at a time when that money should be used servicing the national debt, correcting federal budget imbalances, and providing for our common defense. These are the primary duties of our national government, not funding and maintaining non-profit organizations. This kind of special treatment and access must stop now. It is truly disturbing to this citizen, at least, that this federal behavior is so blatantly accepted. Our public servants in Congress must not be engaged in satisfying the multitude of friendly flatterers and special interests that seek federal favors in the form of grants and access. The citizens of this district, state, and nation must attend to our national duties as individuals of a free Republic, and exert our proper power and influence directly on the process. We are the agents of our own destiny. We can start this November by voting Rush Holt out of office, so our common interests will prevail in Congress, not the select few who have a cozy relationship with our public servant.

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