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California. More Non-Profit Corruption. Welcome to the world of non-profit money laundering.

October 2, 2010

This cite supports non-profits and charities.   As long as they are true non-profits and charities and not operating as a business, political funnel or a money funnel.

LOS ANGELES It was a redevelopment deal with an unusual form of payment: plain white envelopes stuffed with cash and delivered to a go-between at a preschool.

And that was only part of what developer Randy Wang said he paid to Temple City officials who “repeatedly solicited bribes” in return for their support of his $75-million Piazza mall project.

His allegations led to criminal charges against then-Mayor Judy Wong and three other people, all but one of whom have pleaded guilty or no contest to bribery, perjury or other crimes. Wong recently was sentenced to 16 months in state prison, the harshest penalty so far.

Original Source: KIM CHRISTENSEN AND JESSICA GARRISON – Los Angeles Times (can’t find the site)


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  1. Typical behavior just see leukemiascandal dot com

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