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Ivory Tower: How Much Money is Going Towards University Research

September 30, 2010

While tracking stimulus funds, it was amazing how much federal money is funding University research, when if the research is successful everyone — the U.S. government, the University, private business and the researcher gets a piece of the rewards except for the taxpayer.  The taxpayer funds everything, and if the research proves successful, doesn’t get paid back.  Somehow, that doesn’t seem fair.

In a recently released study here are some of the research grant numbers funded by the taxpayers (not to mention that $60k/year tuition bill):

  • $532.6 million to MIT (#4)
  • $385.7 million to Harvard (#19)
  • $255.2 million to Boston University (#42)
  • $144.8 million to University of Massachusetts (#70)
  • $127.4 million to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (#82)
  • $378.9 million ot Yale (#20)
  • $120.7 million to University of Connecticut (#85)
  • $93.7 million to Brown University (#107)
  • $57.1 to University of Rhode Island (#133)

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