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Cuomo Confirms “He Has No Cojones” Faced With Opposition in the NY Governor’s Race, Cuomo Goes Hides Under His Party Base’s Skirts

September 30, 2010

Andrew CUOMO rolled out his campaign with “shock and awe” boldness, promising to be a fiscal hawk and take on the unions and Albany’s culture of corruption. He insisted he shared the frustration of Tea Party voters.

And on the 13th day of the race, he blinked. My, that was fast.

Ever since Carl Paladino pulled an upset in the GOP primary on Sept. 14, Cuomo has been the deer caught in the headlights. Paladino charged at him with guns blazing, and Cuomo couldn’t decide whether to keep running as a centrist Democrat or make a left turn into the arms of the party base.

We have our answer. Cuomo has chosen the base and attacked the Tea Party.

It is a decision that could undermine the reform rationale of his campaign. Where once he vowed to fix state finances and ethics, he now signals a willingness to retreat into the swamp that has brought New York to its knees.

Even if he wins, Cuomo’s flip will make it harder to marshal broad public support to force the Legislature into agreeing to sweeping reforms. His lurch compromises his message by mixing signals of determination with accommodation.

Cuomo’s attack Monday against Paladino and the Tea Party was straight out of the partisan playbook. There was no substance, just a broad-brush smear against hundreds of thousands of New York taxpayers.

There’s Only One Thing NYers Can Be Sure Of — Can’t Trust a Cuomo

HERE’s THE FLOP:“There’s no place in New York for Tea Party politics,” Cuomo said in Harlem after meeting with black leaders unhappy with his campaign. He said, “Carl Paladino’s Tea Party . . . is a party that has extremist views.”

HERE’s THE FLIP: It’s a measure of his retreat that Cuomo was courting those voters two weeks ago. On Sept. 16, he insisted he was the natural candidate of angry and frustrated New Yorkers. “I’ve been saying everything you just said from the beginning of this campaign,” Cuomo said about the Tea Party message.

The new Cuomo is a sign of premature panic. Even without making a full effort to convince independents and moderates he can deliver the taxing-and-spending plans he promised, he already seems ready to cede the ground to Paladino.

His initial plan assumed that Rick Lazio would be the GOP nominee and that Cuomo could ignore him on his way to a landslide. The assumption let Cuomo focus more on building a centrist coalition rather than just winning the election.

But Paladino’s 2-1 win over Lazio, and his likely consolidation of the Conservative Party, has Cuomo’s attention. Whatever the truth of the polls, Cuomo’s hearing footsteps.

MORE FLIPS AND FLOPS. This is not the first time he has muddied the reform message. He attended the birthday party for Charlie “The Chiseler” Rangel in a bid to woo black voters, a key party faction not fully comfortable with him. His acceptance of the Working Families Party endorsement was a bid to stop a challenge from the left, despite his plans running counter to the union-based party’s reason for being.

The odds are still big Cuomo wins, but he will pay a heavy price among swing voters for making big compromises with the left wing. If he owes his victory to unions and others anti-reformers, he will have no mandate for real changes.

Dems: The Reason Democrats are saying they will lose by a landslide in Nov. is because Americans are too stupid to vote for them

Facing the prospect of losing the House and Senate, national Democrats have their fudge factory working overtime. Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts is the latest to pitch an excuse for the dismal November landscape, offering an idea best summarized as, “It’s the stupid people, stupid.”

Here’s what he said: “We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on, so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening.” Translation: People are too stupid to know truth from a slogan.

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