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Liberal DOJ Attorney Accuses Holder’s DOJ of Racism Against Whites

September 26, 2010

Liberal DOJ attorney Chris Coates has accused Eric Holder’s DOJ of racism against whites.

The double standard at DOJ has been happening for sometime.  DOJ uses its position not only to enforce the law including civil rights law, but to use their position to coerce political and policy concessions from states and other organizations.  DOJ has been overstepping its authority for decades and no one has really called attention to their abuse of power until the Gonzalez scandals and now the black panther scandal.

DOJ abuses their position to threaten investigation, audit and suit when there are minor violations and infractions.  Their reports and investigations while containing some degree of truth are also  “doctored” and contain non-truthful information from dubious and unreliable sources.

On the other end of the spectrum, this very same DOJ, if the circumstances call for an investigation into a matter not on the political or policy agenda backs away from their duty to investigate.  This is what happened with the Black Panther voter intimidation.

This past Friday, current DOJ attorney Christopher Coates testified in front of the US Commission on Civil Rights in Washington. His appearance and testimony are related to the scandal of the two Black Panthers who were intimidating white voters—a complete violation of US voting rights laws—outside of a Philadelphia polling place in November 2008. That scandal was exacerbated by the additional scandal of how Attorney General Eric Holder’s DOJ,  unjustly decided to drop civil charges against the aforementioned Black Panthers when a conviction against them had already been won!

In gripping and direct testimony of the injustices he has been a witness to while serving in the DOJ that has been run into the ground by Eric Holder, Coates declared that not only did the Holder DOJ refuse to maintain the case against the Black Panthers when they already won the civil case against them, but he went further by making a very damning allegation indeed: The Eric Holder DOJ is pursuing an active policy of not defending the voting rights of white voters because they think that only blacks can be the victims of racism.

Extending this statement out to its logical conclusion, it would explain a lot of the investigations into other areas that DOJ has delved where the focus was on race rather than on rights  and call into question many of their  findings.

In fact, in his electrifying testimony, Coates used the term “hostility” when outlining the attitude of the members of Eric Holder’s DOJ when it comes to cases of whites having their voting rights infringed! This backwards attitude simply fails to grasp the very basic concept that racism is racism, whether blacks do it to whites or whites do it to blacks.

For the record, Christopher Coates is no Rush Limbaugh-listening, Sean Hannity-worshipping, diehard conservative, Coates is a…true blue…liberal! and has worked for the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project and was even the recipient of the Thurgood Marshall Decade Award by the NAACP.

Coates is also not the first DOJ employee to expose this scandalous bombshell: A few months back, J. Christian Adams exposed these same reports of racism against whites and a policy of a race-based double-standard under the DOJ under Holder. Furthermore, Coates is a real trooper for testifying because his bosses at the Holder-run DOJ ordered him not to for months, until he finally decided to disobey and speak up for the public interest. Coates has even had to claim full whistleblower protection to shield himself from potential retaliation by the DOJ!

When the Justice Department and Court Become Corrupt and The People Lose Trust in the Process and The System, there is no where to go but the streets.

The Courts have become corrupt with corrupt activist judges who follow the motto that the ends justify the means even if it means disregarding the law.  This is nothing less than treason.

Congress MUST clean up the courts and the Department of Justice.  It can start with TERM LIMITS for FEDERAL JUDGES as NO ONE deserves or should be entitled to life tenure.

The Second Thing that must happen is that all JUDGES should be mandated to take classes in Constitutional law and State policy so they can start upholding the rights of the people.

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