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Boston Gets $12.5 Million in Stimulus Funds To Ban Soda

September 21, 2010

Here’s what the the  Massachusetts government has to say about people drinking soda.

Did we mention that Massachusetts has Universal healthcare that is running in the RED and needs the Federal Government to take over this boondoggle or they will sink.  Apparently, banning soda is going to save Boston and the Government is going to rescue all it’s inhabitants from the evils of SODA.

Somebody has to take a stand, and if it isn’t the government and healthcare institutions leading the way to a healthier lifestyle, who’s going to do it?” asks Bill Walczak, head of a community health center and a member of the city’s soda panel.

Newsflash.  People themselves can take a stand.  It’s called NOT buying soda if they don’t want to.

Health officials in Boston are saying they are considering ways to curb or even ban the sale of sugary beverages in the city’s municipal buildings.  The presence of calorie-rich drinks has government agencies worried about the health of employees and visitors to government agencies.  As a result, the city’s health, education and housing leaders are putting their heads together and working to develop a policy that would reduce the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, the Boston Globe reported Monday.

The Globe notes that there are precedents for this kind of regulation:

San Francisco’s mayor earlier this year issued an executive order banning sale of sugary drinks, and New York has imposed rules governing the mix of beverages in city vending machines to favor water.

Boston city officials admit curbing the availability of sodas and other sugary drinks — already banned from the city’s school — may meet greater resistance than previous public health causes.  ”I think we’re going to run into a big issue of people saying,

‘Why would you take away our sodas, why are you interfering with what we’re eating and drinking?’” says Barbara Ferrer, executive director of the Boston Public Health Commission.

Soon Massachusetts will have everyone drinking THE DIET KOOLAID.

Your Stimulus Money At Work

The new regulation is nearly inevitable as it’s tied directly to millions of dollars of federal stimulus dollars.  Earlier this year, the city received $12.5 million in the form of a stimulus grant.  In return, the city promised it would “decrease consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages through counter-advertising and policy change.”

Another policy the city may consider is increasing prices for regular beverages, nudging (ahem, that would be taxing) consumers toward the cheaper option of diet drinks and water.

The war on poverty, the war on drugs, and now the war on sweets, has this worked yet?

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  1. Phil permalink

    It would be nice if our leaders stopped treating us like children and gave us our freedom back.

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