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NYS. $22 Billion Dollar Medicaid Fraud NYS Health Department and Research Foundation for State University of New York (SUNY)

September 20, 2010

Department of Justice alleged that NYS Department of Health conspired with the SUNY Research Foundation to Engage in Massive Medicaid Fraud.


An action brought by a whistleblower for retaliation by NYS for assisting the Department of Justice in an investigation into NYS’ dirty little Medicaid Fraud secret conspiracy with SUNY Research Foundation she alleges that, Plaintiff, a computer programmer/analyst employed by SUNY RF Center for Development of Human Services (“CDHS”) and a whistleblower who has uncovered SUNY RF’s commission of major fraud upon the Federal government aka taxpayer with regard to an ongoing audit of the Medicaid program, in conspiracy with certain officials at the New York State Department of Health (“DOH”).

Plaintiff, a witness for the federal government in this investigation, has provided the federal government with documentary evidence of a pervasive and unlawful conspiracy among her supervisors at RF to defraud the American taxpayer with regard to approximately $22 billion in annual matching funds which the federal government provides to NY for the Medicaid program.  Because of her whistleblowing activities, Plaintiff has been subjected to unrelenting retaliatory conduct by her supervisors at RF, including adverse employment reviews, alteration of her job duties, reassignment of work away for Plaintiff, suspension from work and other discriminatory treatment.

This Isn’t The First Time SUNY Research Foundation Has Been Sued for Fraud

In 1992 a whistleblower plaintiff George Denoncourt filed a false claims act action against the Research Foundation of SUNY.  This suit resulted in a $26.97 million which contained only double rather than treble damages as the statute allows and a stern warning to NYS not to engage in fraudulent practices again.

NYS Keeps Getting Caught For Committing Fraud, But There Never Seems to Be Any Consequences

In 2009 NYS was fined for false Medicaid claims whereby NYS and NYC were falsely billing Medicaid for speech therapy services resulting in a $540 million dollar (single damages) settlement against the State of New York,

Just this month (9/2010), the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced a probe into Medicaid payments into nine state institutions for the developmentally disabled after it was revealed the facilities had reimbursement rates of $4,556 per day for each of 1,400 residents.  State officials have said the action cost of care is only about one third the rate, and that much of the $1.2 billion in federal matching funds every year supports other state programs.  Now, right on it’s heels comes a fraud so large in scope, that it had to be an inside job.


Einstein has said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

In the case of NY, the Feds keep auditing NYS for fraud.  The frauds keep getting bigger and bigger and more and more secretive.  While NYS gets fined time and time again, the people running the fraud from the safety of their administrative offices  and under the protection of the NYS Attorney General who uses taxpayer money to defend these white collar government criminals who were ripping off the taxpayer cost.  After the investigation is done and a settlement reached, the same workers who thought up the government criminal enterprise, go back to work  at the same taxpayer paid for salary and pension benefits.  Their mission, find another way to steal from the Federal taxpayer.

The Current $22 Billion Latest and Greatest NYS Medicaid Fraud Scheme

A federal grand jury is continuing to examine allegations that state Health Department managers may have conspired with the Research Foundation for the state University of New York to manipulate audits of New York’s $22 billion a year Medicaid program.

The investigation is centered on a federally mandated program that requires states to randomly audit their Medicaid programs to determine the rate of ineligible recipients of Medicaid benefits. The Research Foundation has had a contract to conduct the auditing for the Health Department.

Why, you ask would NYS contract out their auditing requirements to a private entity?  Plausible Deniability. 

After the Denoncourt Action, settled in 1992, NYS split it’s billing and instead of having NYS offices responsible, NYS put 1/2 the responsibility on the private entity and the other 1/2 on NYS.  This way unless you were an insider to the fraud, the NYS employee would be hard pressed to put the 2 pieces together. 

Several people who formerly worked for the Research Foundation have alleged that their audits were deliberately sanitized so that New York state would not be penalized for excessive error rates that could have led to New York being penalized or not receiving all or part of approximately $22 billion in federal matching funds.


The workers, who have not been identified publicly, have said officials with the Research Foundation and Health Department intentionally used inaccurate information to manipulate the outcome of the audits so that New York would have a lower error rate. The employees also claimed their access to audit files were restricted and the “random” samples of cases plugged into audits were not random at all.

The allegations also are that the Health Department was able to review and change the audits before they had been submitted to the federal government.

A person briefed on the investigation said two Research Foundation workers who complained to Health Department managers about the situation in April 2008 were fired within days.

Six months later the Research Foundation learned its program was being audited by two federal agencies, the Center for Medicaid Services and the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Inspector General.

A person briefed on the case said investigators are examining allegations by a former Research Foundation worker that managers for the non-profit agency and the Health Department responded to the audits by ordering data fields to be deleted and replacing them with a second database, which had been sanitized, for the auditors to review.

NYS and SUNY Research Foundation Retaliates Against Whistleblowers

Meanwhile, several Research Foundation workers have alleged they were fired or retaliated against after questioning the practice of altering data or manipulating information such as residency requirements of Medicaid recipients.

Ava Dock, who lost her job at the Research Foundation in December, filed a federal whistleblower complaint against the Research Foundation two months earlier in U.S. District Court in Albany. Dock’s complaint, which is pending in federal court, alleges her job was eliminated because she stood up to supervisors who were altering data in their audits. The complaint seeks at least $250,000 in damages.

Dock’s complaint also accuses an unnamed Research Foundation supervisor of altering records before the information was released two years ago to investigators with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services office of inspector general. The OIG began investigating the New York program in late 2008.

The complaint, and allegations from other Research Foundation workers who have not been publicly identified, accuses the Research Foundation of submitting documents to the federal government purporting to show an “error rate” in its Medicaid program of below the maximum permitted rate of 3 percent. The actual error rate was in excess of 20 percent, the workers have claimed, according to sources briefed on the case.

AVA DOCK’s Complaint

  1. Robert Stein permalink

    There should be two additional complaints and legal cases filed against the Research Foundation shortly where reporting corruption, fraud and fudging of numbers was met with retaliation and termination. More will follow as an entire office said no the reporting false numbers requested by administrators, and when declined to do so people were accused of not doing their job–all done to increase grant and taxpayer funding.

    Robert Stein

  2. Robert stein permalink

    22 Billion Dollars a year Medicaid Fraud—and it all starts with City/State/Government funded RFCUNY/SUNY—the relationship of academia and government and their bilking of the taxpayer needs to be understood as to how vast and controlling they have become, and what they will do to silence those that say no to the scam.

    “Nobody is home”—and the $500,000,000 a year con job that makes the 80 million dollar Citytime scam a minor offense when compared to State and National cover-up issues when it comes to this country’s “economic development.” Jobs created/Jobs Saved—Stimulus-No-show and limited show Work Ethics, Overstated report wasteful spending, and “Billing” we like to call weekly paychecks. The Spending to improve our backbone has put the small business owner on life support—all at the taxpayers expense.
    As to the delay Mr. Governor………like Citytime—the answers have been on your desk for years. The “needs are not for the regions of our great State” as to our backbone–small business community, but rather to fill the pockets of those running these organizations for personal gain.

    The Day of reckoning.

    Research Foundation Policy number 510—“The Research Foundation prohibits any form of retaliation against any employee for filing a bona fide complaint under this policy or for assisting in the complaint investigation.” Recent investigations in Buffalo have had some people found dead, others hurt, and administration stepping down–and those that seek to end corruption retaliated against — ain’t that right DOJ? As far as bonafide—nary a word, document of disclosure—along with time sheets and false reports to justify funding, throw in voucher spending for non- related business needs YET TO BE DENIED and you know why some at the top opted to leave or exited gracefully from their posts.

    “Outlined in 5 USC 2302 as to federal employees that report theft—prohibits the engagement in reprisal for whistle-blowing, prohibits the engagement of nepotism, advises to educate employees (note the only person certified through training is moi) and to protect employees against reprisal and improper political influences—“in sponsorship and partnership and funded by the S.B.A.” (Our government) – and the City/State and Government who all fund this organization pass the buck as to who can look into taxpayer and grant mismanagement and fraud, with one pointing fingers at the other when fraud is the administrative motives and directives. If the Federal government funds this scam and was the first to complain about the lack of required programs from our office—do ya think federal should look into it along with the trail of cover-up as a paying partner and aware of the false reports? Rather the “not in our jurisdiction” excuse and buck passer we all hear?

    We the people are tired of paying for corruption.

    EEOC—dated June 7, 200 –, O.A.G. complaint #08-1600, USDOL dated May 8, 2007– number 07-NY-073, O.I.G. #0232-166,2007 dated May 2, 2007 ( doozy), N.Y. Integrity Org. dated 11/2007, Recall letter of the S.B.A. The D.O.I and two visits in 2007, OSC # UWZ4FO, City of New York ref # 1-1-497002266, IRS reply, Quinn to Schumer to Oddo and back again—all the above and all similar complaints have one thing in common—being advised “it is not in our jurisdiction,” and they are all full of mouth fodder as to assistance given to whistleblowers that seek to prevent fraud as retaliation and termination of employment is allowed. 400 hundred people a year are terminated that could save the taxpayer billions.

    The Small Business Development Centers “in sponsorship and partnership” and funded by the S.B.A. (which is us), The State and City Universities (which is us) administered by The Research Foundation (which is us)…and that loophole has the buck passed and many told “it is not in my jurisdiction” as part of the game to silence the whistle blower. So if you wonder why our backbone is being crushed not just broken and non-profits prosper while the small business owner is struggling…this is the biggest economic scam this country is experiencing and allowed……..and anyone that gets in the way—even those at affiliated organizations asking to look into grant and taxpayer mismanagement of funds and reports—gone.

    There are cases against Government/City/State taxpayer funded agencies—20 million as to Ava Dock-fired, 80 Million to City Time-along with the 63 million to 740 million “stuff happens” remarks by our politicians, $500,000 to non-existent “minority service” offices, $100,000 plus million on a California Taxpayer Campus, Legal Counsel questioning spending—fired, Walpin and $16 Million in question–fired, and “terms of entitlement” abuse of business vouchers and theft of time that could fund healthcare for the masses.

    I understand the high profiles involved in the cases and their need to quiet us even if compromising an attorney is part of the systems game plan. We ain’t asking much DOJ—just an allowed day in court to make a difference for all of us. The fear is the truth—is my case isolated or is it systemic thought the State and Country?

    The day of reckoning is upon us, and my request is simple-toll the statute based on the criminal and compromised intent of our lawyer as he is being investigated ,rather than rewarding him.—the relationship of taxpayer funded government/city/state agency’s that promote, allow and encourage the theft of time as in no-shows as Susan Bruno, of services as ion Citytime and relatives, the need to falsify reports to continue funding, and to overstate and under state “numbers” for billing purposes a.k.a weekly paychecks—along with their ability to silence all those that stand in their way if reporting fraud or refusing to go along with the deceit. Same head—different bodies.

    The story of RFCUNY’s pervasive fraud, waste, false reports, and abuse allowed by RFCUNY and their College Officials. The high profile NYC power players and associates we call relatives or politically favored appointees and are “in partnership and sponsorship” with these government/academia taxpayer funded organizations at many city and state campuses throughout the country supporting the S.B.A. and now under fire as to their reports and actual accomplishment. The backbone of this economy (the small business owner) can give us insight as to the assistance received—just go in the streets and ask. Those employees that report fraud are terminated. My story and others could indicate a more national pandemic of corruption in the Small Business Administration and the reporting agency’s they fund along with RFCUNY/SUNY in this country and covered under the guise and control of Research and not isolated to my former office. Jobs created/Jobs saved—Stimulus—Clients Counseled and Mandated programs that in some cases don’t exist, and billing hours we refer to as weekly paychecks for no-shows and limited time/fulltime paid employees that need “numbers” rather than clients to justify the funding.

    On March 05, 2002 I was hired as a business advisor by the Research Foundation City University of New York .In 2005, I reported theft of time, of services, of wasteful spending and the out and out fudging of reports on our taxpayer funded campus office at the College of Staten Island’s Small Business Development Center, yet to be denied. Similar organizations such as the Corona—Elmhurst Economic Development Center received a $500,000 grant to be used for “minority services” however, they lacked minorities as clients, they lacked service and had no presence—but they did receive a $500,000. Similar is the Empire State Development Corp. deemed corrupt by our governor with 5 directors in 3 years, and the recent court victory by the Hearst Corporation as to requiring RFCUNY to open the books of their no-show employees such as Susan Bruno. The S.B.A. which funds the SBDC was the first to complain about our reporting issues, requested intervention of now former employees to speak with our newly appointed director as to required work and programs as the S.B.A. has gracefully modified the disclaimers as to their relationship with the SBDC to protect this if and when in court. I have seen a Director walk away from our veteran program, eliminate clients from our business council and unless no choice refuse to take a minority as a client, and not part of our Strategic Plan requirements or job description as the politics of the mouth have replaced actual accomplishment, and easy to explain how hours and clients are fudged to keep taxpayer funds coming for “billing” we like to call a weekly paycheck. Citytime now has the office of our A.G. looking into their 63 million dollar to well over 740 million dollar over-ride project now being reflected as an 80 million dollar taxpayer funded scam and the best our administration can say is “stuff happens.” The above were reported by employees—all terminated for saying no to fraud. Similar is Ava Dock vs. RFCUNY, Fals- Stewart vs. RFCUNY, Norris vs. RFCUNY, Walpin vs. RF SUNY—plus several recent cases filed or about to be filed. If not for the media—these cases would never be looked into by our justice system. In the past some abused time, but our accountability and reports were never asked to be compromised.
    On 12/23/05 a whistleblowers hotline was established on the RFCUNY website regarding fraud, and the protection of the whistleblower when reporting fraud such as their 511 policy, the outlines of the S.B.A. as to requirements, and full time status. The policies of the State and City University campuses that prohibit fraud, and protect the whistleblower are the same policies that prohibit retaliation, but these are the words necessary to appease the public, not reality of their actions. The Small Business Development Centers—in partnership and sponsorship and funded by the S.B.A. (us) the City and State University (us) administered by RF CUNY—a private non-profit, is geared to have the law protect them against their employees that report grant and taxpayer funding misuse of our money and use our at-will status to creatively terminate us when reporting fraud. The S.B.A requires FULL-TIME Director’s to get paid for full time work, which was not done, and easily understood when we look at the back end of the time sheets where employees knowingly falsify their hours—go ask Citytime if I am wrong. This abuse of funds directly affects tuition increases as the taxpayer gets his pockets picked and pays for all this. “Other services,” “minority services,” “veteran services” are catch words for funding—with 1,000 SBDC offices and well over 20,000 similar offices in this country where recent reports of Jobs Saved/Jobs Created–stimulus known AS Economic Impact—Client Hours and Counseled—Required Programs etc. are all coming to light as false in reports—if this is not an isolated case, this country and our backbone will pay the price. “Terms of entitlement” was explained in our office and when we spoke up to $120.00 taxpayer lunches… If administration demands numbers to be fudged, and our new appointee sure as hell couldn’t figure that out himself…those that say no to the false reports are retaliated against—and again easily understood as to how the system falsifies the reports. To note: in the case of Fals-Stewart, after being exonerated of all crimes, the A.G. was looking into his case when Mr. Stewart decided to sue RFCUNY for 4 million, and the A.G. advising in his summons, Fals-Stewart billed Research for 200 subjects when in actual he met with only 40 subjects—and many fellow employees advise it was administration demanding the numbers be fudged as in the case of Ava Dock, and would a court like to see how easily it is done?—where were you before Mr. A.G.? They are looking back to incidents from 2004, before Fals-Stewart suddenly passed away, another met with physical harm on campus when saying no. “Billing” is the “paycheck” AND payoff received that allows part-time employees to receive full time benefits, falsify time sheets with Research knowing and approving of these “sometimes” employees. Abuse of the word “ongoing” to carry clients that are not clients and have not visited offices is hopefully isolated, but doubtful. Time sheets are knowingly altered, and as in all cases, investigators do nothing. We were asked to expand our hours by administration as a means to justify our 37.5 hours a week. We were asked by administration to double up clients and when we said NO… under a former director there was no incident, under the new “numbers pyramid” we can easily understand how directors manipulate and falsify their “numbers.” How administration handled their report, spending and work ethics needs to be reviewed as to how numbers are easily manipulated in reports. Before and after me, members of the award winning team said no to these requests as we all have left the hollow grounds of C.S.I. Wasteful spending of taxpayer funds was a discussion and new terms of entitlement took precedence as to spending. Time sheets were falsified and acknowledged by the Head of Grants and Research at The Research Foundation—so much for Citytime and of no benefit if those employed falsify time sheets—and since reported the entire administration at the College of Staten Island has decided to step down—President, the Head of Finance, The Provost, and The Head of Grants and Research. Since reported two heads at the S.B.A. have either left or been transferred. Since reported a Director initially announced his resignation, an internal research investigator left, a D.O.I. representative has disappeared, and a whistleblowers hotline as to fraud has been established and research integrity officers have been hired on campus—coincidence…asks the Chancellors. The SBDC has an interesting checkered inception where out Chancellors and their family runs the operation. Administrative threats as to employment are commonplace and Directors of operation are quite vocal in their threats with witnesses, where investigators refused to meet with witnesses. Note: initially this new Director tendered his resignation to staff, but politics changed that. The mid-year reports of employee’s well outlines the work ethics and what is allowed, the actual reports as to client hours, and actual clients and how easily reports are falsified, along with business vouchers that lacked business, and when our former director (#1 in the State under his leadership), returned unused funds…my, my—as we needed to be “creative” as to taxpayer funding in a spend it all way. And those “business vouchers” that have nothing to do with business—anyone recall what went on at NYU with well over $400,000 in business vouchers that lacked business? And it took a student to report it—otherwise that one chemistry department scam would have gone on forever. My employment was terminated as of September 30, 2006, based on reporting fraud and corruption yet to be denied—not the bullshit of office reorganization.
    Once reporting theft—threats as far as job security were constant, prodding and condescending remarks originally geared at others was never ending and the famous “WE warn you what WE will do” as to the expected termination as of 10/01/2006 was a forgone conclusion.
    With the SIEDC, The West Brighton LDC, The Chamber, S .C.O R.E., Small Business Solutions, Northfield LDC., Free Internet programs, my old SBDC, The S.B.A. and others all doing the same work at the taxpayer’s expense in a small area or community times thousands of such communities—go out and ask the small business owner if they are necessary and who is profiting from this taxpayer funded service? This is throughout our country not just the Staten Island Small Business Community and Borough, and give it to those that could use it—oh don’t let then explain they are all different in services as far as “their services” that is a con—many with issues as to accountability and honesty of their time and effort—maybe two to three organizations belong—SIEDC and West Brighton for sure- throw in SCORE which if Free and why is the taxpayer covering for all the extra funding when it could go to teachers, firemen, policemen and essential services—when no-show salaries are well documented—hey Mayor….these are your “compadres” and their relatives in Albany that are part of allowed and continuing “stuff happens” such as Citytime. And when the no-shows are reported along with the false documents—what does our taxpayer funded organizations do as they say no to the freedom of information act request as to their reports—ask the ASBL, as they retaliate against those that report fraud, and requests denied.

    Part two

    On June 05, 2007, I along with several people at the College (different offices) that were retaliated against retained the services of Mr. Tom Bello, a local Staten Island attorney. We gave Mr. Bello retainers and signed contingency agreement and arranged for him to represent us. I received on 8/17/07 a notarized summons and docket and paid in advance for this to be filed and advised it was, along with several others. I recently found out that the dockets were never filed. I highly suggest a check of the Bar in Staten Island, Grievance in Brooklyn, the D.A. in Staten Island, The Legal Fund, reports on A V V O and Martindale, along with several former attorneys hired by Mr. Bello’s former clients have sued him (and won in court—Hayes vs. is one such) and well explain his m.o.—which is to take money, do nothing and not file cases in particular—several against the Research Foundation. Mr. Bello has been rewarded by an affiliated College, and Judge Castille (a close friend) appointed our former attorney Tom Bello to be part of a blue ribbon panel looking to clean up corruption in the Pennsylvania Courts. Mr. Bello is represented by attorney Howard Benjamin in regard to other (and mine) Grievance cases filed. Try the S.I. Bar as I became ill when told to get in line, Grievance in Brooklyn, the Legal Fund, and the S.I. D.A. There is a reported association of Mr. Bello with the defendants in my case.
    I have met with Robert.G. Trusiak of the DOJ who is looking into grant mismanagement of similar cases and have requested the statute be tolled due to the criminal actions of Mr. Tom Bello who intentionally let the statute expire, but I ain’t a lawyer and need one—as my records indicate it was filed in a timely fashion. To note, I have been advised by several attorney’s representing Mr. Bello’s former clients in court against Mr. Bello that he has no malpractice insurance, no visible assets and just might be having personal issues with family. I was advised I would win if I filed a lawsuit against Mr. Bello, but the fees of the attorney makes no sense to do so. We have received numerous emails and letters from Mr. Bello—even those advising he was retiring but retaining us as clients, and the many during the summer of 2010… The joke is Grievance where I have several complaints in my possession, where reports on the internet advise they will do nothing, and being advised the best they could do is reprimand this attorney who has continued to harm clients– reprimand deserves far more than another wrist slap at this point in time—HAYES vs. Bello, Gordon vs. Bello—102294/08 similar to mine where this attorney has a track record of similar—this issue is not winning the lawsuit—four cases on file with the D.A., The Bar and we were the Bello caboose, and Grievance…………………….

    Since being branded a whistleblower, it is virtually impossible to find gainful employment similar to that enjoyed at the Small Business Development Center where I was the only certified advisor and 70% of an office because “I showed up.” I have seen a satellite closed where our grant was “given” to the Chamber and recently reopened as another similar business center at that location by the City. I ask for a jury to decide what if anything I deserve, and the retaliation that took place needing to silence me, has to have investigation units willing to end corruption—not promoting it. I have 2 years’ worth of documents, emails, letters and reports yet to be denied, otherwise I would have been terminated a year earlier, rather than be subject to the creative reorganization that lacked actual reorganization. Requests for individual final statistics and others affected by the reorganization have been denied for obvious reasons.

    Replies from outside organizations such as the D.O.I., the EEOC, the S.B.A, and internal investigators are best explained by others—nothing is done. Citytime was allowed for years to continue, and the penalty for missing funds from inception of the S.B.D.C. was a slap on the wrist, and hearing “it might not be in our jurisdiction”
    –and guidelines prohibit nepotism—suggest a discussion with our chancellors’ past and present clarify all that, or maybe the heads of the SBDC with similar last names.

    I hope this is isolated, but “other services” was a directive to a new politically appointed director. The need is public awareness and the request for honesty, accountability and transparency as we need closed books to be opened, and the reports that determine time sheets when it comes to “billing” and the need to understand the reports before reported when it comes to actual accomplishment. Two year worth of reports have yet to be denied, and in need of public awareness if we are going to make a difference.

    I have the original docket AND summons, along with my revised docket—and until I hear from the D.A., Grievance, or the Legal Fun, as to my former attorney—I need to wait, and will continue to seek “sunlight” as to my case, and finding proper representation in court was easy prior to Mr. Bello—with a statute in question it poses an problem and major expenses several of us cannot afford—the system knows and is aware of that.

    Bringing the documents and reports to Research (nary a word denied) is met with “shut up or else,” “we warn you what WE will do,” from C.S.I. administrators, and “perhaps he didn’t mean it” from Research—as retaliation is inevitable. And when changes were made AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY HAD TO SHOW UP FOR A PAYCHECK AND THE NUMBERS WERE STOPPED? And considering we saw how easy it was to have a thorn at SBS removed from my Director’s side.

    Ms. Diane Ravitch in a discussion as to the needs in education while at the podium at C.S.I. finished her discussion with two words necessary—honesty and transparency.

    Two years’ worth of documents, emails, disclosures, letters, time sheet understanding as to how, and our reports and time sheets are easily altered. The association of government/city/state funded organizations when reporting theft needs closed doors to be open to the public and as to whose buck is being passed to perpetuate the fraud—needs the city/state and government to look at them as to this day of reckoning in need of “sunlight.” No-one I have met or interviewed starts out with the intentions to be a whistleblower or in it for the money-the refusal of the system to correctly self-govern and eliminate corruption, along with their necessary retaliation regarding those office discussion employees deemed as whistle-blowers does that, as some great small business advisors say no to the fraud that needs to continue their “pyramid of number.” that lack actual accomplishment, work ethics, and administration approves of the wasteful spending at the taxpayers’ expense and[pocket.

    Robert Stein

    Excerpts-could fill 20 pages and a billion in costs.

    “More than 400 workers a year make firsthand allegations of on-the-job waste and fraud, risking their careers in the process. In response, too many administration political appointees have flouted the law, demoting and demeaning workers who speak up, even subverting the inspector general system in the process.”—New York Times, 12/27/2007 – Protection for the Endangered Species.
    “Obama Administration stalls Release of Small Business Date.” –and recent court victories of the ASBL against the S.B.A.
    The Head of the Public Integrity System announces his resignation—2007. The Commissioner of Human Rights fired.” 12/28200—Senate Approves Whistleblower Legislation”—article S.274. “Fired Small Business Director sues the Community College”—advising the close ties of disgruntled employees to top Community College Officials as the reason.” “Leon M. Goldstein—as far back as 1995—received a subpoena whereas the former President of Kingsborough C.C. he used his administrators and their relatives to get business from the college.” Leon—any relationship to current regime?
    OSC—case number UWZ4FO- OSIG case # 0232-166-2007—March of 2006 referring me to the Chancellors office, whose children and relatives run the SBDC—Citytime and Mitchell Goldstein- The D.O.I. and Cheryl Wright, and the two visits-the H.W. Siner report in the Advance dated 07/16/2009- “Whistle-blowers at CSI seem to pay a stiff price.
    The Fulton County EDC—“one million in bonuses to two top executives and their refusal to open their books to the overseeing State agency”—thank you Assemblyman Richard Brodsky.
    The 01/21/2004 report by New York Assemblyman Kevin A Cahill—“SUNY should clean up its books before pushing for more tuition hikes.” 22% of items submitted for payment unaccounted for–$723,000 worth of taxpayer funding.” “ I.G. Walpin fired questioning 16 million.”
    “Possible unnecessary or inappropriate business expenses for employee travel, lodging and meals.” Was an article dated 07/23/2009—as we had well over three hundred people sent on yearly vacations under the guise of educational seminars at hotels in the State for “training” that spent more time on golf courses, card games, drinks, and conga lines that could have been done for free—and when discussed being there was no need once courses were completed to have everyone take advantage of this “fully paid vacation thanks to the taxpayer” – “shut up or else.”
    The Institute of Entrepreneurship—1.4 million questioned—another Goldstein, another King at the helm, and the slap on the wrist for stolen money—creates the SBDC
    ABC News—“Jobs Created /Jobs Saved that don’t exist”—Part of Obama’s Stimulus—11/16/2009—and this story is just the tip of the false reports mandated by the SBA from those they fund.
    The Stimulus and S.B.A. funding—where it really goes—recent ASBL court victories against the S.B.A.
    “Minority services”, other services” and ongoing abuse to justify existence—directives to overstate numbers, directives to understate numbers, the allowed no-show status of many on campus, the allowed limited time status collecting full time paychecks, benefits and retirement forever as favors—and when “other services” was used to play the game at our office where a paycheck weekly kept the con coming—
    Fear is the true meaning of the work anonymous

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