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University of Michigan Gets 14.7% Increase in Research Spending From Stimulus Funds

September 18, 2010

The Commercialization of Higher Education At Consumer and Taxpayer Expense

The Roots of Commercializationcame about in 1980 when Congress passed the Bayh-Dole Act, which made it easy for Universities to own and license patents on discovers made through research paid for with public funds.

The University, Ivory-Tower Monopoly and Taxpayer Fraud is a Little Known and Little Publicized Area That Has Cause Harm to Society because of lack of oversight and the government-university-preferred business partnership monopoly is positioned to do enormous and great danger to the American Economy.

University of Michigan has another $1 billion research year.


nn Arbor — It was another billion dollar year for research at the University of Michigan.

The Ann Arbor school said Thursday that research spending grew 12 percent in the 2009-10 fiscal year to $1.14 billion. Spending topped $1 billion for the first time the previous year.

While the rest of America is starving

Federal stimulus grants increased research funding by 14.7 percent from a year before, and 65.9 percent of research money came from the U.S. government.

Federal research spending grew 14.7 percent over the previous year, thanks in large part to stimulus funding. Federal research accounted for 65.9 percent of total research spending at the university.

Funding from the National Institutes of Health increased 20.4 percent. NIH contributed more research funds to U-M than any other federal agency.

National Science Foundation research spending at U-M was essentially identical to last year, while Department of Defense research expenditures rose 2.5 percent.

Among non-federal sources of support, funding from public charities increased nearly 20 percent over the previous fiscal year.

Support from foundations grew 4.3 percent.

However, research expenditures from industry grants and contracts fell 9.3 percent compared to the previous year — from $43.3 million to $39.3 million.

What the University Says

“The fact that the total research expenditures rose at such a healthy rate reflects the continued competitiveness of our faculty when it comes to presenting research ideas,” Forrest said in a press release handed out at the meeting.

What I say

The fact that total research expenditures rose at such a healthy rate because of Government contributions from stimulus funds and public charities aka charities funded by the taxpayer,  while the taxpayers paying for your research are taking pay cuts and losing jobs is called a redistribution of weath to ivory tower elitisms otherwise known to us common folk as stealing. 


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