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Andrew Cuomo: Fraud Fighter or Fraud?

September 6, 2010

Andrew Mark Cuomo was born December 6, 1957. He was elected at the Attorney General for NY on November, 2006. Previously Cuomo was the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Bill Clinton. On May 22, 2010 Cuomo announced his intention to run for Governor of NY. Recently Cuomo put out an add accusing his opponents of perpetuating the swamp of corruption known as Albany. This is pretty amusing, considering Cuomo is currently king of the Albany swamp. Prior to being king of the Albany swamp, Cuomo was king of the housing swamp. Now, in his 4 year tenure as Attorney General, he can campaign on the fact that he has done absolutely nothing to drain the swamp. In fact, not only has the swamp not been drained, the evil rat creatures aka criminal government employees are allowed to remain in the swamp and feast on all the rest of the swamp inhabitants aka taxpayers.

Let’s look at Cuomo’s History first as secretary of HUD and now as NYS’ attorney general.

Case 1: United States ex rel. Cirrincione v. New York

Cirrincione’s whistleblower suit prompted the U.S. Health and Human Services Department to audit a decade worth of Medicaid claims submitted by school districts and counties to New York State for speech therapy, occupational therapy and transportation provided to students.

New York reimbursed the localities and then obtained partial reimbursement from the federal government. The audit recommended Medicaid disallow $1.07 billion in claims for reimbursement.

“While it is unfortunate that state and city funds have to be repaid to the federal government, we believe that this settlement requires payment of approximately $1 billion less than we could potentially have had to pay if the matter had gone to litigation,” Gov. David Paterson said.

So the Feds, once again lets NYS off the hook for fraud without consequences because the NYS taxpayer would be on the hook for $1 billion dollars in penalties. The NYS employees that conducted the fraud within the Department of Education that exposed NYS taxpayers to $1 billion dollars in liability under Attorney General Cuomo’s watch … nothing. Still collecting pensions – yes.

The settlement with the state and New York City did not resolve claims in a separate suit Cirrincione filed against Jefferson County and Larry Tingley, its retired director of community services, in state Supreme Court.

Who paid for the Federal investigation? Taxpayers? Who paid for NYS’s defense and NY’s defense of its employees under Cuomo? Taxpayers. What did Cuomo do to stop the fraud??? Absolutely nothing.

Cuomo’s HUD:


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