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$60 Billion Medicaid and Medicare Fraud

September 6, 2010

This is about Medicare fraud, but there is an equal or greater amount of Medicaid fraud. The same thing, even worse, goes on in child welfare and with the destitute and disabled.

Child Protective Services is dedicated to recruiting (KIDS) for Medicaid revenue-maximization schemes. Developmental disability services are overbilled by privates persons and government entities to pay for other programs.

One of the biggest Medicare and Medicare Defrauders is Not the Private Citizen but State Government Employees.

Medicare Fraud: A $60 Billion Crime
A.G. Holder Tells 60 Minutes More Oversight Is Needed. Note to Holder — You are the government. You oversee it. It’s your job as the attorney for the United States to protect the people from fraud. Did someone forget to give Holder his job description?

Scammer Explains How Easy It Is To Steal Millions

(CBS) Of all the problems facing the United States right now, none are more important than health care.

President Obama says rising costs are driving huge federal budget deficits that imperil our future, and that there is enough waste and fraud in the system to pay for health care reform if it was eliminated.

At the center of both issues is Medicare, the government insurance program that provides health care to 46 million elderly and disabled Americans. But it also provides a rich and steady income stream for criminals who are constantly finding new ways to steal a sizable chunk of the half trillion dollars that are paid out each year in Medicare benefits.

In fact, Medicare fraud – estimated now to total about $60 billion a year – has become one of, if not the most profitable, crimes in America.

This story may raise your blood pressure, along with some troubling questions about our government’s ability to manage a medical bureaucracy.

Full Story and Video

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