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Barney Frank: Liar Liar Pants On Fire. See Barney Frank do a reversal. His fingers must be crossed behind his back.

August 24, 2010

When asked if we still need a Fannie/Freddie “Oh..absolutely not…I think they should be abolished”. He goes on to say ask “the real question is what do you put in their place”.

Translation: Barney Frank wants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac abolished and replaced with with identical programs bearing a different name. Barney Frank is doing a bait and switch, getting rid of tainted entities while replacing them with new entities designed to do the very same thing. Sounds likes newspeak. Don’t call it Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac call it “Big Bird” or “Cinderella” give the programs a new name and no one will remember how the Federal Government’s program tanked the American Economy that Barney Frank — head of the banking commission, didn’t see coming. Maybe Mr. Frank should move to the “welcoming” committee. Not to mention that any legislation or idea that Paulson had a hand in should be viewed with skepticism as Goldman Sachs saved it’s skin by screwing everyone else. We know he is willing to do anything and is one of the most dangerous people in congress. And Paulson is brighter and more knowledgeable than Congress or the Senate and is playing the committees like a violin. When Barney Frank changes direction, and does so with the assistance with Paulson we ought to pay attention because the two of them are experts at saving their own skin while stripping you of yours.

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