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Elections Putting in A New Administration is NOT Enough. Nullify the Feds.

August 17, 2010

Nullify the feds and save America

By Phil Billington Chronicle contributor

Multiple polls show that the majority of Americans do not approve of President Obama’s leadership. Though a charming campaigner, they want an end to his upside down job-killing economic policies; they want Obama to end his “changing America” socialist agenda and pay more attention to the climbing jobless rate. The people increasingly echo the Tea Party battle cry: “End the tyranny of federal government: stop its bullying of the American people.”

There is an uncertainty about Obama which is even more fearful. A prominent doctor recently asked if I thought Obama was deliberately wrecking the economy, obliterating capitalism. Reluctantly despite mounting evidence I had to concede the unthinkable: yes, Barack-don’t let a crisis go to waste-Obama is determined to wreck the American economy to create a crisis as an excuse to expand his power. He has consistently shown contempt, not only for the private sector but for the constitutional limitations on the federal government. His end-runs around Congress in the auto, banking, financial institutions, and school loan takeovers demonstrate his appetite for dictatorial powers. Perhaps we are only one crisis away from Obama assuming the dictator of the proletariats. Radical, you think? Of course, but Germany and Russia thought it could never happen there.

Many are banking on the elections 2010 and 2012 as a remedy to restore constitutional order. A giant GOP win? Frankly, the Republicans didn’t do so good either when they held the mantel of power. So forget the elections; forget Tea Party marching on Washington, pleas and protest to DC politicians and their party apparatchiks’ (DNC and RNC). That’s a pipe dream like appealing to tyrants to change their spots. It has never been the case in the history of the world and it won’t happen 2010. There is however a remedy to stop the Obama agenda in its tracks. But first we need to clear away the Constitutional cobwebs.

Since the early 1900s, government schools have taught a “nationalistic” view of the United States of America, that we are a single sovereign people ruled by an all-powerful central authority, a view completely contrary to the Constitution. As a result, the American people have permitted a perpetual infiltration of Progressives that have bastardized Congress and the Courts. And the courts have ceased policing federal powers. The wrong-headed perception is that Congress is duly authorized to do whatever it pleases.

Let’s be clear about the power of Congress. The Founders granted Congress 18 enumerated powers (Article I, Section 8) and none others. And to make sure future societies understood the limited scope of the Constitution, the Founders added the Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Clearly, the Obama agenda, health care, auto bailouts, Cap and Trade are not authorized by the Constitution. Then what are the people’s options for an out-of-control government (a situation that precedes Obama by several presidents)?

America is now at a constitutional tipping point whereby the checks on federal power are impotent requiring desperate means. State legislatures are oath-bound to protect the rights of the state in which they were elected, not national or international interests. They are duty-bound to institute legislation that nullifies federal laws which are not in accordance with the Constitution. This  means also repealing the Seventeenth Amendment which spurred the growth of the central government (not to mention severely limiting the 16th).

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