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Kansas Foster Care and SRS is Out of Control

August 14, 2010

Kansas SRS is making millions off of snatching and selling children

  1. Laura Duncan permalink

    Welfare fraud is out of control and no one cares! I know someone in baxter springs, Ks, Who is committing welfare fraud as i write this and has commited tax fraud for the past two years that i know of. I’ve called and talked to the fraud detective in columbus,KS. He tolled me “that people do it all the time and it was the IRS’s problem”. So I filled out the proper tax fraud forms and sent it to the proper address on the form. I’v been sending to tax fraud forms every week for 5 weeks and still no response. I also sent a letter to the Director of the Southeast Region of Kansas SRS Steve Fincher and still no response. I work hard and dont make much. I make 24,000 a year and i support my son and I. Its hard but i make it work. These people literally lay on there backs and do nothing to contribute to society and live better then i do. How can our Govnerment stand by and let these lazy blood suckers bring the rest of us down because that will be the end result of letting these people get away with free loading. It will hurt the hard working Americans in the end. Will some body please put limitations on these programs because what these programs are telling the scum of society have kids, we will take of you and you wont have to ever work as long as you keep popin kids out.

  2. Debra permalink

    I lost my children to the SRS and CPS because they said, I was a unfit
    mother, made me go through psych evaluations, I even took classes,
    my ex.. did the damage, but judged me also!!!
    Then because my oldest son, had little scoffs with his brother,
    Which most children have little tanglements with their brother or sister,
    They said, I failed to protect the youngest from the oldest…
    All I would of needed, was some counceling and some guidelines to
    help me be more aware of the situation… INSTEAD>>> NOTHING!!!
    Then on my visits, Only tell me I can’t have unsupervised visits, and that
    my children could never be in my home…
    My children were given to my parents, as legal guardianship, but after
    3 years, my parents gave up their guardianship to another couple who
    live in another state…. I only see them a couple times a year..
    Talk about tearing a family apart…..
    Now I pay child support…. Something is definitely wrong with the
    system……… SIgned, a sad mother in Kansas!!!!!


    Gipson vs Gov Jay Nixon et al

    Use this federal law suit to help others file.

  4. I agree; we know someone (a relative) who has been a drug addict for years, and lived on the government payments to buy drugs while the children aren’t even with her, and don’t get anyting from it. It’s amazing how little scrutiny there is on this.

  5. All of the state officials know what SRS is doing. My son has a case with SRS. It’s Charles Patrick Cosgrove v SRS and Alberta Brumley. The foster mother as tons of case history. It looks like one big cover up no one cares enough to do anything about to this abusive former foster parent. All but one lady did her name was Leann Hays. She took a case all the way to Topeka. Three Judges just smiled and gave Alberta the blessings of the court. Case after case shows the truth about this woman and SRS but no one in power will stop the abuse. So far my son has won in the 10 District Court 2 times. Soon we will be in court again. Who knows what will happen but I do know this the book and movie will be a real tear jerker and Johnson County will be shamed!

    • Elisa Breitenbach permalink

      The third case for my son is now in the courts hands again. Keep you eye on this case. He will win for the third time. Make my word.

  6. State Rep. Ray Merrick you know full well not one of you will do anything for the children in SRS foster care. Each of you make me sick that you do nothing year after year for these children. They have NO VOICE and like Douglas Brumley they have no life. They become the walking dead because you and all the people in power turn a blind eye to them. You each and every one of you make me sick!!!

  7. JJ Warner permalink

    While you sit and condemn the entire system you should be aware that sometimes it works. We adopted 3 children who were beaten, starved and finally the youngest ingested drugs and almost died. We thank God for their foster family and the system who prepared them to be loved by someone else. We couldn’t have children but I believe God was opening our hearts for these kids to come into our lives.

    It does work, and with low pay and no respect social workers don’t stay in one place which enables abusers to get away with it until someone dies.

    • This site does not condemn good foster parents it condemns the system when the system proves to be dysfunctional.

      There are definitely times children need to be removed from the home. However removing children in order to maximize Federal grant money or snatching a child where a parent takes a child out of school due to bullying or safety reasons or putting parents who are non-abusive on child abuse registers is an abuse of government power and should be condemned.

      So kudos to you for adopting three foster children in need of a good home. Much luck, love and good fortune.

  8. Elisa Breitenbach permalink

    It’s Christmas time and to anyone how reads this that has lost a child to SRS please know you are in my prayers. If you are a Judge, Attorney or Social Worker you too are in my prayers. Children all need us to be the best that we can be. I am done with anger. I just want to heal. I am just an ordinary person that lost my children for 10 years to SRS foster care in the Brumley foster home. My children are 31 and 34. I am a grandmother thankful to have my family back. Please know if this can happen to my family it can happen to any family. Part of our story is on You Tube. Please go to Kansas “The Best Interest Of The Child” (My son is Charles Patrick Cosgrove in it.) My story is on United States Supreme Court false allegations (My name was Elisa Cosgrove. I remarried 20 years ago and my name is Breitenbach now.) My former Attorney went to Washington and we did a News Conference. You can see it on You Tube also at Child Abuse: Victims Of False Allegations part 1, 2 and 3. Our war is over. I will pray the same for all families and children in the system.

  9. Elisa Breitenbach permalink

    The evidence of harm and the unequal protection for children is clear. SRS may help a few children but the harm they do to many children needs to come to light. For the third time the case of Charles Patrick Cosgrove v SRS and Alberta Brumley has been placed in the hands of the 10th Circuit Court. Once again he will win. After that it will come back to Kansas and this time we will be ready. The history of this case will come to light. Unlike the case of J. P. Francis v SRS and Alberta Brumley 93CO6139. The corruption and cover-ups of these case’s will show SRS did not work in The Best Interest Of Charles Patrick Cosgrove, J. P Francis, L. Cosgrove or any of the foster children of the Brumley’s that tried to run away from abuse . The D. A. Paul Morrison and Rick Quin did not work for The Best Interest these children Expunging the Brumley’s abuse case. Governor Joan Finney did not work in The Best Interest of these children. When she had Rene Gardner and Becky Matine in May of 1992 investigate the Brumley’s. Then the Governor set a meeting up for Oct. 6th 1992. The meeting never took place. Six day’s later the only reason the home was closed down was because 4-year-old Douglas Brumley was beat to death Oct. 16, 1992. To think his baby brother is still with the Brumley’s shows how much The Childs Best Interest Kansas shows to children. On June 7, 1993 Ron Green of LPA investigated the Brumley’s. SRS has no checks and balances that truly protects children that I know of. SRS protects the adults and has the power and control to do as they wish to the children. Open records and courtrooms are what the children in Kansas need. Abuse is almost always done behind closed doors.

  10. Jason permalink

    I would like to know if anyone has tried the Kansas SRS against unethical practices and abuse of power and who is one of the best to take them on. I have a case that would interest someone. My wife and I moved to Kansas in November 2010 for my new job and I have never seen a more screwed up and corrupt justice system in all my life here. As soon as this crap subsides, I’ll be sure to move out this state because I don’t want any more of my tax money going to these idiots! No wonder Kansas is a wasteland.

  11. mia permalink

    I myself have been a victim of kansas SRS. They do not care about the parents and are only out for promotions and could careless about the destruction they cause to families and even more the children. They only care about making that dollar they dont care about the truth or even how to help all they do is tear families apart and laugh at the parents who are stuck picking up the shattered peices of there life.

  12. Sept. 12, 2011 we will be in court for the 3rd time.

  13. Year after year the same people do nothing to change this nightmare for children and families that cost each and every taxpayer a ton of money to destroy lives!

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