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Why New York and the Federal Government Are Broke

August 10, 2010

Here is a list of training being provided to social workers in N.Y. funded by taxpayer dollars. None of these contracts have been put out for bid.

A 35-year tradition of extended learning for the public service!
Translation 35 years of providing training services for public employees using taxpayers money

One of the largest university-based continuing professional education programs in the nation, the Professional Development Program began through a small contract with the former New York State Department of Social Services in 1975. From that modest beginning, PDP has established an international reputation for delivering quality learning products on time and on budget — a track record that has resulted in cumulative funding in excess of $350 million.
With over 250 highly skilled employees providing technical assistance/consultation; curricula design and development; instructional design; needs assessment; train-the-trainer programs; e-learning solutions; web design and development; graphic design; conference planning and management; and project management; PDP is a prized and sought out partner.

Each and every year since PDP’s founding, over 25,000 participants have been served through approximately 3,500 instructional activities. PDP has long been committed to the concept of the university of the future — a teaching and research institution that is responsive to the public service.

For a better understanding of the depth and breadth of PDP’s programs, please visit the following pages:

Course Name City County Date
Food Stamp Worker Training Institute Albany Albany
Selected Topics in Temporary Assistance Queensbury Warren
Electronic Benefit Transfer for Eligibility Workers Albany Albany
Domestic Violence Liaison Training Institute (DVLTI) Albany Albany
Case-by-Case Management for Temporary Assistance Queensbury Warren
The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Identification Training Program Albany Albany

SUNY Albany
Account Adjustment & Other Financial Issues
Account Creation
Child Support 101
CSMS Case Building
CSMS Reports, Data Reliability and Performance
Supporting HSEN Servers
Supporting HSEN Workstations

Access Level 1: Creating and Using Database Elements
Access Level 2: Managing Relational Databases
Access Level 3 (Advanced): Building Efficient Databases
Access: Introduction to Application Development
Excel Level 1: Worksheets
Excel Level 2: Charting & Organizing Data
Excel Level 3: Advanced
Working with Excel 2000 Formulas & Functions
PowerPoint Level 1: Creating Presentation Visuals that include Text and Graphics
PowerPoint Level 2
Project Level 1: Creating a Project
Project Level 2: Managing a Project
Word Level 1: Creating & Formatting Basic Documents
Word Level 2: Working Efficiently in More Complex Documents
Word Level 3: Advanced Document Editing Techniques
Windows: Introduction
Introduction to Windows and File Management
Orientation to Public Health
Communicate to Make a Difference
Microbiology: An Introduction
Street Prostitution
Food Stamps–Household Composition
Food Stamps– Standard Utility Allowance
Overview of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
OTDA Emergency Action Plan
Front End Detection System (FEDS)
Terrorism, Preparedness and Public Health
Creating Word Templates and Forms
Outlook 2003: Introduction to Email, Calendars and Contacts
Outlook 2003: Advanced Functions
Using Word Tables
Outlook 2003: Using the Mail Feature
Outlook 2003: Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks
Introduction to PCs Using Windows
Using Word Templates and Forms
LearnLinc: Outlook 2003 Calendars – Getting Started
LearnLinc for Curriculum Developers
LearnLinc: Using Excel 2000 Formulas and Functions
LearnLinc: Creating and Using Word 2000 Forms
LearnLinc for Instructors
LearnLinc: Outlook 2003 Email – Getting Started
LearnLinc: Outlook 2003 Email – Advanced Functions
LearnLinc: Creating and Using Word 2000 Templates
Welfare to Work Caseload Management System (WTWCMS)
Contract Management System (CMS)
Protective Services for Adults (PSA) System
HEAP Eligibility & Certification Training
Institute for Temporary Assistance Programs (ITAP)
ITAP 5-Day Overview of Selected Topics
ITAP Module Training
Working With Alcohol and Substance Affected Families
Substance Abuse – Technical Assistance
Case Recording Technical Assistance (T.A.) (CC04-03)
Case Recording Training (CC04-02)
Case Recording Follow-up Coaching (CC04-05)
Foster/Adoptive Family Recruitment/Retention Technical Assistance
Advanced Counseling Skills-Component A (DR01-01)
Brief Counseling Interventions-Component B (DR01-02)
Coaching and Evaluating the Counseling Process-Component C (DR01-03)
Experiential Group Counseling (DR01-04)
Core Essentail Skills for Experienced Caseworkers
Interventions Skills for YDAs & Direct Care Staff (DR01-05)
LL: Identifying and Supporting Resilience (DR01-06)
Core Essential Skills for Experienced Caseworkers – Technical Assistance
Welfare Fraud Investigator Training Institute
Child Care Subsidy Training Program
Adolescent Services Core
Life Skills Toolbox
Basics of Youth Development
Fostering Youth Towards Independence
Education Forum: Gangs and Foster Care Youth
Identifying and Supporting Resilience
Understanding Domestic Violence
DCF Food Stamp Program Training
Offering Rapid HIV Testing in CBOs Serving High Risk Communities
HIV Testing: Skills Practice Session
HIV/AIDS Confidentiality Law
Skills Practice and implementation of Stage-based Behavioral Counseling
Growing Pains: The 411 on Adolescents and Sexually Transmitted Infections
Addressing Prevention in HIV Case Management
Streamlined HIV Testing
Tailoring HIV Counseling and Testing to the Unique Needs of Adolescents
The ABCs of Hepatitis and HIV
LearnLinc: Using nyseWebstar
Review of Access Objects
Juvenile Detention Automated System (JDAS)
COGNOS Impromptu
COGNOS Report Studio
Application Support Workshops (ASW)
Welfare Reporting and Tracking System (WRTS) Summary Tables Overview
OCFS Time Reporting System (TRS)
LearnLinc: Introduction to the Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office 2003: Transition from Office 2000

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