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Were the Banks Too Big To Fail or Was The U.S. Government So Heavily Invested, the Government, Not the People Could Not Let the Banks Fail

July 28, 2010

Were the Banks Too Big To Fail or Was The U.S. Government So Heavily Invested, the Government, Not the People Could Not Let the Banks Fail

What are the top money makers for Government’s investment funds?

ANSWER: Pharmaceuticals, Banking / Finance, Oil, War industry groups, 300%, 400%, 600% profits.

Thus the Government Creates Monopolies in These Arenas to Protect the Industry and Government Investment From Competition At the Expense of People. Solution. NO MORE TAXES.

Just in case someone says: “Oh, but that is just one government investment account out of thousands and is not representative of government investments,” to save time, here is a page where you cans see a sample selection of a few Annual Financial Reports (the CAFR). A report with over 134,000 Government Annual Financial Reports produced each year. And yes, most did not miss a heart-beat also. Look and learn! Additionally you will see: Audits of the Federal Reserve; IRS; US Treasury reports on Bank Derivative holdings.

NOTE: After the stock market rebounded in 2002-3, my, were the government investment fund balances sitting in the black! (Not so, for the public though, they were licking their wounds on the curbside)

The volatility created by 911 added about five trillion dollars to the overall government [local and federal] investment portfolios. Get a clue, do a little research, and LEARN THE MOTIVE as seen in the end result balance sheets. This gives a new definition to “a conflict of interest” when it comes down to policy decisions made for the benefit of the public. Yep, I forgot, in light of Government’s bottom line that really doesn’t matter any more..

Was the orchestrated void in your comprehension just filled in? I hope so.


Keep in mind what government and the media spoon-fed you were: “Budget Reports” the selective grouping of public service agencies where tax revenue is spent, showing the annual applied revenue for that purpose. It will not show you the gross income, far from it.

When you review the same local government’s Annual Financial Report, after tabulating gross income, as is the case with larger local government’s, only 1/3rd of the gross income comes from TAX income. The other 2/3rds of the gross comes from return on investment funds and enterprise operations. Is 99.9% of the public aware of this? No, they are not!

Government by investment has taken over the International Markets, Banking, and Insurance companies. The combined wealth of the private sector is now insignificant in comparison. Input these facts into your thinking and the motive behind every political event or policy towards any world situation will become crystal clear to you. Government ownership is now 65% to 85% of those fortune 500 companies and the primary investor with the banks and insurance companies is government.

Through government’s ownership by investment, with the thousands of separate accounts now pooled together under the direction of a few select investment managers / advisors from within government, any corporation, industry group, or in fact country can be targeted for takeover or if needed, destruction by the use of those funds. Who dare say no to the Goliath?

I will note for you that US Government has consolidated a substantial portion of their investment funds for management by International management groups whereby those funds are not priced in the dollar and those management groups are not restricted to investment policies as would be applicable if operating from within the US.

CALPERS, in 1982 created their own offshore management team under a different acronym to funnel government funds offshore for just that purpose. The feds also in 1982 sent out a transmittal letter to all-local government investment managers recommending they participate with the International group created by CALPERS. As the dollar goes down, those International funds held outside of the dollar profit from the currency exchange rate.

Before it happens in reply to my article, there are tens of thousand of ancillary issues, comments, interpretations, that may apply to government operations.

What I am doing here is qualifying and looking at what you are intentionally distracted away from looking at: The Whole forest; The entire beach; the principle of operation…… and God I hope you understand this!

Government’s gross income in 1999 was 8.5 trillion dollars (view my front page). Currently they are up to over 10.5 trillion dollars a year in annual gross income.

Do not be a minnow schooled at the whim of and in the self interested intent of the Government syndicate with their partners in profit, the syndicated media. (Organized political parties are included here also)

The time is late and the call only heard by a few at this point.

Expand awareness and forward this to friends and associates!
Special Note to the Public from WJB: You have allowed these Crackers (mostly attorneys) from within government to take a substantial portion of your wealth (most of your wealth) by forced taxation and fees for decades now. They have started wars over the years so that hundreds of billions of dollars would flow between their inner circles of friends and profits would abound from their standing investments positioned.

They have quietly orchestrated or planed mass genocide over the decades to make their job easier of managing the remaining “productivity” units formerly know as people to the “new and improved” corporate machine of government. I will say it again; “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The public has paid the CAFR1 project very little to bring this information forward over the years. However, in turn; Government, who the public has paid trillions of dollars to over the years, has not brought this consolidated information or priciple to eleminate taxation forward. It appears government, the syndicated media, the Democratic and Republican parties, and controlled education has not done so out of a severe financial conflict of interest of no equal, that starts at the top and reaches down to the bottom rungs from within all government operations!

The public was masterfully entertained in right field as government took it all over by investment in left. Government now makes more on their annual investment return then they do from ALL taxation collected each year! It is time the public took control of this situation and mandate disclosure immediately! In addition, keep in mind government now owns it all, they do not need you any more, and so you had better act quickly while you still can that is! As was the case in New Zealand, and in truth should happen here; DOWNSIZE government by 25%, 50% or even 75%! We can no longer afford to have or allow our government(s) to be behind the scenes for profit enterprises.

When downsizing is completed, the equal proportion of investment income, tax and enterprise revenue already being collected and standing will now be available for another purpose. It can be directed to the now structured TRFs where taxation then can be eliminated, and eliminated for all time to come!




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