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If Government Is Not Granted More Rights Than Its People. How Come Government Officials Are Allowed To Steal “Redistribute” Your Property By Force

July 24, 2010

The voice of the collective should not be allowed to overpower the one or the few to demand the deprivation of life, liberty or property. Murder whether it is done by one or many is still murder. Slavery whether imposed by one, or many or now by the government whereby citizens are expected to work at least 7 months of the year for the collective is slavery whether done by force of man or by force of government via the IRS and law enforcement. Theft or the taking of another’s property by force is theft whether done by a person, the collective or by government promising to use and take your money for the benefit of another.

Using governmental force to impose a vision on others, even if the vision is noble, is intellectual sloth and typically if not always results in unintended, perverse consequences. To be a free society, requires courage and personal responsibility.


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