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NY Plaintiff Alleges Judicial Corruption Rampant in NY Courts

June 30, 2010

( March 12, 2010 —

June 23rd, 2010, New York, N.Y.: Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman and thirty other defendants  have been served a lawsuit by Plaintiff Kathryn Jordan in Federal Court (09 cv 10616) alleging “obstruction of justice” and eight other acts of civil fraud.

Jordan is President and Founder of End Discrimination Now and a former Fortune 100 executive and management consultant.

The Chief Judge has been charged with transforming the Judiciary from the enforcer of Federal and State laws into an “arcane, corrupt system of favors, partisanship and political ideology where justice is bought and sold .”

The complaint alleges that the Defendant judges illegally used their judicial power and discretion to “fix” cases and litigation outcomes, frequently manipulating and circumventing the  Rule of Law in the process.

Under the “favors for promotions” scam, corporate defendants would be relieved of liability for violations of federal and state laws, even judgments after trial, or cut unspoken deals to have their cases positioned for early “settlements”, the latter of which were always a fraction of the corporate exposure. In return for dispensing these favors, the judicial defendants would often receive valuable references, introductions and vetting assistance from grateful corporations. Several of the jurists involved in the instant matter, including Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, former Chief Judge Judith Kaye, Judge Luis Gonzales, and Judge Rolando Acosta all received promotions within a year of these “deals”. Judge Acosta’s promotion was announced four days after Judge Lippman issued the First Department Opinion that reversed the jury verdict, an opinion that not only declared an open bias on the case, but endorsed the misconduct of the trial judge (Acosta) who had been accused of allowing a discharged attorney to improperly influence him about a $1.3M contingent legal fee. The Rules of Judicial Conduct require that all judges report misconduct by fellow jurists, not cover up the complaints or discredit the complainants. The lawsuit alleges that the  goal of the Defendants with teh assistance of the Judges was clearly to wage a 15 year “war of attrition” against the Plaintiff, who was known to suffer from MS.
A key defendant is the Commission for Judicial Conduct, which has been alleged to have abdicated its role as the regulatory oversight for the Judiciary and acted to enable the violations, frauds and cover ups. The 2009 Annual Report attests to a “historic rise in complaints against judges”, while investigating only a fraction of the same, and rarely issuing any censure or sanction and systematically avoiding censure of the higher level judges, especially at the appellate level. Forty complaints against appellate judges were filed in 2009, but none were investigated.

The instant case tests the underlying premise that judges are “immune” from prosecution for violations of New York Law. Apparently because the judges involved acted outside their authorized role, and committed crimes against the State, the normal “immunity” that Judges are afforded is not available to them. It is not known if the allegations rise to the criminal “felony” level at this time.

Legally, the case has been given a boost by the Judicial Conference’s recent amendment in July 2009 which strengthened the basis upon which judges can be found in violation of Judiciary Law Canon I: if they demonstrate conduct which “gives the appearance of impropriety”’; and under Canon II; the section addressing “improper influence” has been codified to support the “impropriety” violation.

Recent impeachment cases that have been successful involved matters where the actions of the jurist were willful, there was an attempt to evade investigators, or where the Judge used taxpayer funds to effect the frauds. Jordan has petitioned the Attorney General to represent her on behalf of the People of New York, while the Defendants are claiming “entitlement to representation under Public Officer’s Law 17”. End Discrimination Now has condemned the judges attempt to deploy tax payer resources to run a “tax payer financed defense” while the disabled plaintiff, who has already endured 15 years of litigation, would have to prosecute the case not only against the 30 Defendants but the Attorney General’s office.

Jordan’s landmark case was filed after she realized that there was a “pattern of misconduct with multiple judges in multiple related cases conspiring to “fix” the outcomes and cover up the deceptions with the arms-length assistance of corporate attorneys”. Importantly, Jordan recognized that the judges involved not only stepped outside the broad protections of their immunity but the “deus ex machina” for the frauds was the conversion of judgments or potential judgment risks against large corporate defendants into favors dispensed by the Judges, which would then be converted back into “favors’, “IOU’s” , with the same corporate law firms, “options” that would be exercised at a future date. “

This was a real epiphany. Monetizing the fraud was the key”, Jordan observed. “It was clear that the judges were doling out favors. We had to define the premise that made this favors illegal, and it was the conversion of the favors to promotions, &/or favors into future IOU’s, along with clear pattern of cooperation (conspiracy) by multiple judges in multiple courts acting outside their legislated role”.
Judicial Reform Now activist groups testified to the pervasiveness of the “culture of corruption” in the Judiciary and Chief Judge Lippman’s leadership role at the Public Hearings before the NY Senate in July 2009,have lobbied the Attorney General to investigate the claims and for the Senate to sponsor the “Impeachment Bill”.

More information can be found online at

  1. The Coalition Against Legal Abuse is comprised of men and women, aligned to combat corruption within the Brooklyn NY District Attorney’s office. Witnesses to crimes against families, men, women and children in the New York area, should contact the Coalition immediately, in confidence. 1-800-958-2904,

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