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NY. Paterson to Raise Taxes In NY. Stop Taxing Us To Fund Your OPM Habit. CUT SPENDING.

June 25, 2010


  • Says one thing and does another. 

Question: When a person stands up and lies to you, looking you in the face when he does so without batting an eyelash – what is he called?

Answer: A Sociopath

Message to Albany – STOP TAKING OUR MONEY

Despite all the tough talk at the Capitol about refusing to accept any new taxes or fees while the budget negotiations have dragged on, it turns out that the idea of raising taxes to help close the $9.2 billion budget deficit has been on the table for some time now.

At least that’s what Gov. David Paterson says.

The governor granted reporters a quick Q&A session following his last-minute (in other words, not in last night’s press advisory) appearance with WGY’s Don Weeks this morning.

He didn’t provide a lot more detail on the tax question, although he did stress that he would still prefer his own proposals – wine in grocery stores, the soda tax etc. – to the ideas now being floated.

“Well, you know, obviously there’s been talk about the taxes on clothing and that kind of thing, but I don’t want to unnecessarily alarm anyone until the budget is actually passed,” the governor said.

“What I’ll say…is: The taxes are going to be about 10 percent of the deficit reduction plan. There will be zero in borrowing and the rest will be some rather serve cuts which may be unpopular but they will keep the state from becoming insolvent.”

“…There is no plan. So, there’s a lot of conversation about it, and it gets out and then you ask me about it. There’s no specific plan. It’s just something that has been raised, and, by the way, it’s been raised for the last three months.”

“…I wouldn’t put it on any party individually; I mean who brought it up is really inconsequential.”

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