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Steve Wynn: The U.S. Government Is Bribing People With Its Own Money

June 24, 2010

Here Steve Wynn speaks on the economy and how the national debt and spending in America is on the same level as a third world country.

Steve Wynn speaks that taxing the wealthy doesn’t work, they just move and defer income. That the people the tax hikes and de-valuation of money will hurt is the middle class and people need to wake up.

Steve Wynn speaks that the members in Congress simply do not have the backbone to stand up to special interests. That if America is going to save itself, Congress will have to find the backbone to restrain spending and stop taxing people to finance their re-election.

Comment: Right now the average American worker works 6 months for the government and other people’s welfare.

Comment: Right now the U.S. is robbing Peter to pay Paul. It is using deferred pension money to finance current pension debt.

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