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Rice University hosts a conference on Pervasive Judicial Misconduct

June 24, 2010

The video starts a little slow, but once he starts getting into the speech it becomes more interesting.

  • Are judges required to follow the law or can they just ignore it or change it at will, like a prince or petty dictator?
    Did our Nation’s Founders want to replace the British aristocracy with a new aristocracy where you have to beg a prosecuting prince for redress of crimes committed against you?
    Well, what are you going to do to restore a government of, by, and for the people?

Mark Adams talks about

  • How pervasive judicial misconduct is in all courts
  • How judicial sovereign immunity has taken power from the people and placed it in the hands of courts and government
  • How there is no oversight to the judicial system as judges and lawyers and the bar association monitor themselves and anyone that they perceive is a threat to their fiefdom
  • How grand juries used to have oversight but the right to petition the people for due process no longer exist
  • 90% of all complaints against the judge and judiciary are not investigated and kept secret
  • Make sure you have witnesses at hearings because judges feel more pressure to follow the law when they are facing a crowd
  • If you take a stand against the system, the system will retaliate and try to take your license to practice
  • If you get a corrupt judge which includes judges that do not follow the law then the court system does not provide any procedure to whistleblow on the judge railroading you.
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