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Buy a Gun Go To a MH Institution; Report a Fraud Get Confined In a MH Instititution. . . Are Oregon MH Institutions Being Used As State Internment Camps?

June 18, 2010

Comment: This story about  a man a who bought a gun, committed no crime and was brought to a Mental Institution in Oregon for psychiatric evaluation struck a cord.  As there was another story out of Oregon where a woman was reporting a fraud committed by her father and apparently there was some political power player including a Judge involved that did not want her blowing the whistle, and had her comitted to a Mental Institution. 

Stephanie Deyoung has a 100 Million Dollar Secret.   If She Disappears SO does YOUR Money..

Crystal L. Cox
Industry Whistleblower

Stephanie Studebaker-Deyoung is being held at Mental Hospital in Bend Oregon Against Her Will.  She is not insane nor is she a danger to society.  She alleges that she hospitalized solely because she was whistleblowing on a fraud being perpetuated by her father, Summit Principle Mark Neuman.  Apparenlty her rather’s company mysteriously saw a 60 million dollar asset drop in a year and the creditors are none too happy and are looking for assets that are apparently hidden.  So what do you do when your daughter knows where the hidden assets are since she is a CPA, and creditors are on your heels looking for their money?  Apparently, in Oregon, you put your daughter in a mental health facility against her will and take over her CPA  firm.

STORY BY : Oregon’s Firearms Federation

Imagine being woken up by a swat team outside your home in the middle of the night whose presence was to convince you to come quietly to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation (no court order, no warrant, no history of violence or MH issues) for the simple reason that you legally purchased a firearm.

Imagine your telephone ringing in the middle of the night.  The caller informs you that he is a police officer. He wants to “get you the help and appropriate resources you need.” But wait, you have not asked for any help, don’t need any help, and certainly don’t want this “help” in the middle of the night.

But this offer of “help” and “appropriate resources” is an offer you can’t refuse. You see, your home is surrounded by SWAT teams from multiple jurisdictions. There are men in helmets with machine guns everywhere. Snipers are aiming at your home. You are told to come outside. You are promised you won’t be arrested, handcuffed or removed from your property. You are told your possessions will not be confiscated. The friendly paramilitary troops outside your house just want to chat with you.

Any rational person would recognize the danger in refusing the orders of dozens of heavily armed cops.

You leave your home and immediately you are handcuffed at gunpoint and taken to a mental hospital for a “psychological evaluation.” The police enter your home without a warrant, without permission, without probable cause and confiscate your firearms.

You have NOT been “arrested” so you have no right to an attorney. You have no right to remain silent. You are subjected to a “hold.”  You can be held for up to 180 days. You can be medicated against your will. Your crime?  The lawful and state-approved purchase of firearms.

None of this is fiction or speculation. It happened to an Oregonian on March 8th. This is the new face of “gun control” in the age of Obama. Buy a gun, go to a mental hospital.


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