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Cornell University, Inc. Engages in Research Fraud To Protect Electric Utility Companies At the Expense of Diary Cows

June 14, 2010

In a Report Entitled “STRAY VOLTAGE RESEARCH FRAUD” by Michael Behr, Ph.D. Fornsic Economist dated April , 1997

Dr. Behr states:

For approximately a decade, electric utilities have been escalatign a campaign to insulate themselvesfrom stray voltage damage claims by offering to the courts and to regulatory and public policy bodies, university research purporting to show that stray voltage below 4.0 volts has no deleterious effects on diary herd health or milk production.

The literature shows that this false research, as well as the dissemination fo its results, has been centered at Cornell University. Cornell facuty members Dr. R.C. Gorwit and Dr. D.J. Aneshansley are the conspicuous leaders in the efforts to define stray voltage damage claims out of existence through fake research.

Dr. Gorewit also conceded in testimony that first lactation females were “twice as sensitive” to stray voltage as later lactatio nfemales, the Cornell research is claimed to have included no first lactation females.

The Cornell Research was funded by the Electric Utilities, and the researchers paid a large amount of money for conducting the research. Cornell researcher Dr. Gorewit alone was paid more than $800,000 by only one utility company.

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