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NY. Agencies get ready for shut-down. This is Just a Preview of What Happens When Government Takes Over

June 12, 2010

See Letters from NYS Agency and Department Heads

This is what happens when government runs everything.  Government goes broke and everyone that works for it who is “non-essential”  Doesn’t get paid.

See Video of Interview with Steve Wynn

In the video Steve Wynn asks the interviewer to ask k-12 students what happens under government takeover of healthcare.  Where government caps payment for services, more people need services and there are fewer healthcare providers to meet the increased needs.

Answer: Medical prices go up. 

So if Medical prices go up, but government only pays a certain amount for services — what happens to the number of doctors that will participate in the government healthcare plan versus the number of doctors that will only accept CASH.  Answer, the rich will be able to pay for medical services while everyone else will be put on a waiting list to be seen by doctors that are not either not talented enough or who have a more idealistic calling.  Either way, there won’t be enough doctors. 

Result – the U.S. government is going to let everyone but the governmentally favored persons and rich (who can get their medical treatment in any country they choose) wait for inferior medical care.  Ask any Veteran what they think of VA medical coverage and VA Hospitals.  What about the state owned hospitals – would you want to be treated there if you have private insurance?

What happens if the government goes broke (which is pretty likely).  Here’s what is happening in NY as NY cannot seem to pass a budget.  Now imagine if the Feds can’t pass a budget — or can’t pay for medical services.  That would mean no medical care for anyone.  The entire system would shut down.

Here’s an example of how it works as illustrated by the State of NY (couldn’t happen to a more dysfunctional and corrupt state).

And here’s a memo from the Department of Labor:

From: Message From The Commissioner
Sent: Friday, June 11, 2010 10:35 AM
To: labor.dl.mailbox.all
Subject: Commissioner Message

As I’m sure many of you have heard by now, the state is facing a possible shutdown of government if an agreement on an appropriation bill cannot be reached by the State Legislature by midnight on Monday the 14th. The Governor has informed me that if an appropriation bill is not enacted by Monday, we must shut down state services in an orderly fashion beginning on Tuesday morning. He stressed that the State has an obligation to provide essential services to its residents, to protect their health, safety and welfare. I am doing my best to stress that many of our staff provide services vital to the welfare of New Yorkers. However, as of right now it appears that inaction on the bill may impact all DoL employees including state and federally funded positions and Management Confidential staff. If this bill does not pass, it’s very likely that all of us will be impacted and will not be authorized to report to work on Tuesday the 15th until further notice.

I am working with the Governor and his staff to get up to the minute updates on this unprecedented action. I know that a shutdown will have a terrible impact on all of us including the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who rely on our services and unemployment benefits. I promise you I will relay any information to you as I receive it.


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