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MUST VIEW VIDEO: When A Businessman As Big As Steve Wynn Says that Government is Full of Confused and Foolish Hypocritical SOBS and Is Looking to Asia Instead of America To Do Business, It’s Time to Take Back Our Country

June 12, 2010

If my business goes under because of the SOB’s in Government and their thieving ways — The first place I’m applying for a job is at one of Steve Wynn’s Companies.

Las Vegas Hotel Owner Steve Wynn: We Are On Our Way To Greece

Steve Wynn Hotel owner, explains how the economy is on the brink of collapse, equal to Greece because of overspending and the unpredictable decisions that Washington makes daily. 4:43 minute video.

Steve Wynn says that businesses are afraid to do business in America because the government is too unpredictable. Policy changes, taxes increase, government subsidizes some businesses while letting others fail, government manipulates the market by enacting regulations that favor some businesses while putting others either out of business or at a serious disadvantage.

This Video is a MUST VIEW

I can’t get the video to embed so here’s a link :


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