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NY. $76 Billion Dollars Worth of Single And Sole Source Contracts

June 10, 2010

Contracts being issued by New York are

  • (1) overbilled;
  • (2) billed to inappropriate Federal programs and entitlements;
  • (3) not being placed out for bid;
  • (4) issued for the purpose of diverting (a/k/a kickbacks) Federal money from the purpose of the contract and using that money to line administrators pockets, provide jobs and consulting opportunities for friends and families, pay for ghost employees including where private companies are paying the salaries of public employees through fraudulent transfers of monies.

Currently there are over 76 billion dollars worth of no bid and single bid contracts outstanding in NYS.

This number does not include small dollar amount contracts, intra-governmental contracts, grants, and many Federally reimbursed contracts or contracts issued from New York City.

According to the New York Office of the State Comptroller via Todd Maroney, NY has taken the position that any contract being reimbursed with Federal funds neither has to be placed out for bid nor reviewed to ensure reasonable pricing. NY has taken this position in spite of the fact that NY law and Federal law under which the contracts and monies are being awarded say otherwise.

Several whistleblowers have brought NYS unlawful contract practices to the attention of the Courts (State and Federal) and the Attorney General, State Administrative and Oversight Agencies. NYS refuses to investigate and stop the practice of over-billing (BILKING) the Federal Taxpayer for their own personal gain.

Below is a list of contracts that were awarded in NY that are sole source and single bid.

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