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TX. Not All The News and Politicians are Bad – Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert lashes out at no-bid contracts at Love Field

May 31, 2010

By RUDOLPH BUSH / The Dallas Morning News

Mayor Tom Leppert said Tuesday that awarding no-bid contracts to the present concessionaires at Love Field “makes a mockery” of Dallas’ image as a business-friendly city.

“If we want the best deal, for both the city and for consumers, those contracts must be open to everyone in Dallas,” Leppert told a luncheon audience of the DowntownDallas business group. “We should not simply settle for the status quo.”

The city staff has recommended the long-term, no-bid contracts be awarded for retail to Hudson Retail-Dallas, a joint venture owned in part by state Rep. Helen Giddings, and for food service to a company owned by Dallas restaurateur Gilbert Aranza.

Handing out such contracts “tells all businesses … that we do not have a level playing field” in Dallas, Leppert said.

“It tells taxpayers that the city does not know how to cut a good deal … that the biggest contract that the city will do for years did not go through the competitive clearinghouse of an open bid process,” he said.

“And perhaps the worse message of all: That it’s not the best deal you have to offer but who you know that matters at Dallas City Hall.

“I can tell you,” the mayor said, “that’s not a label we need.”


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