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Banks Demanding 1/2 of Pensions to Balance Their Budgets

May 9, 2010


The other day I went into the bank and sat down with one of their financial advisors. The bank’s advisors recommended government bonds.

I’m not a banker, nor am I a licensed security trader, but the government is in debt and the dollar will be devalued shortly to where paper money will be virtually worthless because it quite simply cannot pay its debts or the entitlement programs or its obligations. People’s money will be stolen out from under them. The only reason (and I invite comment on this) I can think of that the bank wants and/or advises people to invest in government bonds is that that banks know that the system is failing and that without more government bailouts the banks will fail and wants people to invest in the government for the purpose, not of making the client money, but because the government will be called upon again to save the banks.

It’s also my opinion (and again, I am not a banker or a securities expert, and I invite comment on this as well) that the FDIC will not be able to cover its obligations if there is a run on the banks, and that the government is going to devalue your (and my) money, and pay back your and my money on cents on the dollar.

Recently there are news reports of banks demanding 1/2 of persons pensions to balance their budget and pension plan managers being strong-armed into investing in failing banks.

Below are two videos that shed some light on the story.

Below Video Explains How and Why America is A Republic, Not a Democracy
Below Video Explains How the Banks Will Steal Your Money
Below Video Explains How the Banks Have Captured Government and Are Looting and Making Americans’ Slaves

States and Localities need to take control over their own finances and separate themselves from the Federal Government aka “Federal Crack” immediately. Right now all the government is doing is laundering your (and my) money.

Right now there is a class system in America – of the type that America’s founders fled from. Where some people are more equal than others. While you and me would go to jail, these sovereign persons are free to commit crimes under cover of “legal” or “government” action. The courts — which are the last check to government power – have failed the people and has sided with government.

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