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Government Take Over of Big Oil and Pension Funds

May 7, 2010

This Country Is Like The Titanic, Unless Government Is Stopped, There Are Not Enough Life Boats

How Government Is Looking America by Putting Their “Boot” on the “Throat” of American Citizens and Business

Government is forcing pension and 401k plans to invest in failing banks and businesses to bail out the Federal Government who created the credit and housing crises.

Government is using the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to shut down drilling and take over oil because the government is broke and has to steal businesses from private enterprise through government and military force (SWAT teams are being sent to the Gulf) in order to sustain itself in power.

The only solution is for the tax code to be overhauled and equalized, the laws to be equalized and for states to nullify all unconstitutional Federal Acts.

The Feds taking over oil is like the Feds taking over banking with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and now education by creating a federal monopoly over student loans)

  1. It didn’t need to happen in the first place
  2. The damage could have been fully contained on the first day
  3. Government (and media) corruption made the whole economic and ecological catastrophe possible.

See You Tube Video:


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