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U.S.: $823,000 in Campaign Contributions Net $460.9 Million in Earmarks

September 12, 2009

Who Needs to Run a Profitable Business or Invest In the Market, When you can donate $1 and get $500 in return? Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), called earmarks “circular fundraising.” Only with a net loss of $500:$1.  Taxpayers know exactly how earmarks work—the politico slips funding into one of those “too-long-to-read” bills, slithers over to the corner and enjoys the payback when beneficiaries of the earmark cough up campaign contributions.

Flake came down hard on the recent Defense Appropriations bill. In a news release Monday, Flake cited 1,087 earmarks worth $2.7 billion, with about 540 of those earmarks worth $1.3 billion going directly to private companies without competition.

Congressional scrutiny over $2.7 billion in earmarks lasted all of 18 minutes.

Welcome to government run anything.

Taxpayers for Common Sense. said, “[I]t pays to be generous with the campaign cash. Campaign contributors who gave the subcommittee members $823,000 in campaign contributions raked in 148 earmarks worth $460.9 million (average $3.1 million).”

The Democratic Congress, led by the most extreme factions in the Democratic Party, appears to have abandoned President Barack Obama’s pledge to bring change to Washington.

Flake held nothing back, “. . . Members of Congress should not have the ability to award no-bid contracts. [especially when]  the recipients of these earmarks are campaign contributors. Full Story.

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